Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Reflections on 2008

Despite a bout of writer's block somewhere in late spring, through the summer and beyond, I still managed to post 132 entries in 2008. The same number as my first year blogging. I did manage to remember my One Year Anniversary! I guess that's something considering the effort it had become to eek out a post.

New Year's 2008 I had big expectations for myself ........ New Year's Arrived Now Let's Get On with It! Am I any closer to getting at that box with my journals and drawings? Well........maybe...... I have completed the hard part but still don't have that box unburied. If it takes much longer to heal from this stupid surgery, I may just get there though....... I have, however, been working on that second chapter in my head. There may be a book yet!

I think it's safe to say my posts got more personal in 2008 despite my decreased writing. Ramblings on Unraveling certainly let it all hang out. The lowest month of all for posts was September when I only managed 3 entries. One of those was about my relationship with my husband, Dave. It's Complicated.......... In 2008 other problems with relationships in my family surfaced She Knows How to Deal with a Multiple and What's REALLY the Matter.............. definitely exposed unresolved issues between my daughter and me.

Even though my posting got sparse there were still posts with messages like Life Lesson and Good Ideas Gone Wrong some with a personal element about my family like this one Boundaries and the Subconscious Mind

There was lots and lots of processing for me through this blog but for the life of me don't know why I didn't label it as such. Letting Go and Self Preservation ended up labeled In Process amazing how my parts think alike....but not just quite the same. I'll have to do some fixing.

I feared that my writer's block would alienate my readers. My readership dropped along with the comments. That only added to the difficulty I was having getting my mind going in this direction and away from Depression The subject did get some attention but looking at my blog stats I would say it started a whole lot farther back than I ever noticed or posted.

My Surgery got some time and I even stepped up This one is for JIP It may be a pain in my b*tt but it did get me back to posting. In December I actually managed 27 whole posts, not bad for a woman on drugs.....maybe it was BECAUSE I am a woman on drugs......what do you think?

There were posts about things long forgotten but triggered by other bloggers Reporting Abuse........My Story and even a little humor. Out of the Mouths of Babes.......... and of course, More Meme's 31 Things Meme and don't forget the true crime Adam Walsh's Murder Finally Solved

There were some questions A Question about What's Real but not nearly as many as there had been in 2007. Does that mean I get to blame some of my blogging buddies for my lack of posts? LOL

Before it was all said and done I even shared some personal stuff belonging to my inner kids. A Time for Children 2008 was definitely a monumental year in it's own right.

I hope I'll keep on moving forward in 2009. I'd like to keep up a regular schedule of posting. There's a lot going on in my life. I hope to be back to working horses soon but my you know what is taking it's own sweet time healing.

If I should get stalled again, I hope some of my readers will kick me in the b*tt (but carefully, please) and remind me what was behind that last weak stretch of posting. If there are any questions, those will be appreciated too. It does take some work to shift my gears from horses to internal work. Hopefully 2009 won't see me sacrificing either one of those.


Enola said...

Wow - that took some work. Putting together all those stats and comparisons. I hope that 2009 is a wonderful year for you!

Kahless said...

Ok ok, there were less questions from me in 2008. I wonder if that was in part to my depression. Or is it depression turning into resignation? Now thats a question for myself lol!

Thanks for the review.

Rising Rainbow said...

Enola, it did take some work. But it was good because it got my mind working about some topics I might like to post.

Thanks for the 2009 wishes, these are tough economic times to be raising horses. I'm holding my breath that we'll be OK.

Kahless, you're not the only one with less questions. There were others.

As depression and resignation, I think the two go hand in hand.

anya said...

Well, Rainbow.....I finally got to the meaty blog. Hey...thank you for coming over and commenting. I had to figure out how you got there and I did. So, of course I had to find you.

Yeah...starting over after that much time is fairly monumental, but frankly, I see that divorce as a gift. I'm feeling freer, in fact feeling more of everything now that I'm on my own. I seem to be becoming an entirely different woman and she's having a lot more fun!

Your blog is going to be interesting to me. I had a very weird mother also. Abusive, yes, but at times most loving too. Confusing, yes? At 61 I think she is now just a vague memory that causes little if any emotion. But sometimes I do wonder about my characteristic of being able to draw upon a certain...detachment. Not while I have a thing or a person. I'm passionate then. But if I lose it.

I hope this a good year for you. I'll keep up with your "journey".