Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Reflections on 2007

Nope that's not a typo, these reflections are going to be on 2007. Since I began posting in that year and never even thought about reflecting on those posts last year, I think that's where I'm going to start.

With the dawning of the New Year, I find myself looking back at the past. Maybe it's because I'm bored stuck sitting here trying to heal from surgery instead of out doing the physical things that make me happy. Maybe it's because times are tough right now. I'm not sure which. But when a reader commented on Triggers that maybe I could post references to some of my older posts, it gave me a gentle nudge to follow that thinking back.

I might be a bit late with this. It probably would have been better suited to a New Year's Eve post but this reflection is what it is. (That's a phrase used readily by my new horse friend, Richard. I find it fits well into my vanacular.) I think I'm going to begin a tradition right here and the ending of the year, I'm going to do some reflecting. Then starting the new year I'm going to look towards the future. Maybe that's what all that celebrating is about........the liberation that comes with letting go.

I began posting on this blog in July of 2007 with A Little History The first of 132 posts in 20007 about my roots,my journey and, or course, my opinions. . Although that first post didn't tell the nature of my abuse, even im my early posts there were those about satanism like Believe It or Not - Ritualistic Abuse and how they manipulated my belief in God, What Has God Got to Do with It? .

I've posted some philosophical things Clouds, Storms, Rainbows and Me and some things about my relationships More Recent History & My Most Recent Creation and some opinions about my MPD So You're Not Buying MPD's a Gift!

Somethings have not changed since those early posts.Fitting In............Or Not! ....sound familiar! I answered lots of questions Questions, Lots of Questions and I posted my thoughts on crime Mass Murders Close to Home

I even did a Meme or, maybe that was on my horse blog. I'm not sure I got tagged here more than once......why else would I use that man exclaimation points? I've Been Tagged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched other multiples struggling with guilt over what other parts had done. Knowing that some parts are really trapped into doing what they do, I began a series of posts Human Nature with All It's Twists and Turns hoping others could understand "how" their parts could look evil but really be just caught in a trap.

It was a pretty monumental year looking back at it. I can't believe I covered all those things. Yet there are lots more posts I'd still like to share. Maybe if you all think it's helpful I'll do some more of this referencing those older posts. What do you think??

For today this reflection on 2007 needs to visit blogger and become a real post. I'll post reflections on 2008 tomorrow. It's interesting to see the differences and the similiarities between the two years.

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year!


jumpinginpuddles said...

we look forward to your next review

Kahless said...

Me too.

Mojo said...

I just had time to read the first post you referenced, but I'm intrigued. Between that post and this one, I'm reminded of a book I read once called (I think) Michelle Remembers.

I'll definitely be back to catch up.

Rising Rainbow said...

jip, I'm glad you liked it. It was actually hard to do trying to look back through all of this stuff. Geez!

Kahless, I'm glad you liked it too! Hofefully I'll get my act together and get more posting done.

Mojo, you're right about Michelle Remembers that is a book about a victim of similiar stuff. The group she was involved with didn't get as twisted as mine but it was sick enough to cause her many problems.