Sunday, August 19, 2007

So You're Not Buying MPD's a Gift!

I know I've not been doing this blog for long but I have already built up more of a readership than I expected by this time. I normally get comments about every post but this last one, The Gift That Saved Me? things got real quiet. So I'm going to address this post to the multiples who are reading it.

I'm guessing that you're thinking No Way is MPD a gift! If you can't see it that way, odds are it has to do with acceptance. I know it's hard to have a bunch of mostly strangers running around in your head and even taking over your body maybe even without your consent but the key to getting the whole thing under control is acceptance.

If you can't accept your alters or personalities and what they have done, there is no way you can work as a team. No one, including the other parts of you, wants to be part of a team where they're no wanted or accepted for who they are.

We are all afraid of rejection and I think maybe multiples might be more so than other people. I find multiples to be more sensitive, to feel pain more deeply. I think that's part of the reason they split off the way they did, because of the intensity of their pain.

But what can be worse than being rejected by one's own self. The answer to that is nothing! Self loathing is the number one reason for eating disorders, drug addictions, suicides and the list goes on. To be happy, a person must love themselves first and foremost. And, obviously, for a multiple that gets a lot more complicated than the average Joe.

So again I'm going to repeat what I seem to say in one way or another in many of my posts, the offenders are responsible for the bad stuff!! They caused the fragmentation and they manipulated the personalities to do their bidding. The personalities are NOT the culprits - even the so called "BAD" ones did what they did because they were manipulated.

Now, bad alters can believe that they are tough and that they had all the power but the facts don't support that at all. If they had all the power, they would be in charge and running amuck all of the time. They are part of a system and, for the most part, function that way. They did what they did to save the system whether they believe it or not.

The first step to resolving the chaos of a MPD system is keeping an open mind. By listening and trying to understand the story behind the alternate personality, instead of freaking out at what he/she might have done, can make things easier on the entire system.

No one knows more than me the horrors that can be uncovered. But I also learned that lots of times the truth was far different than the perception of the personality involved. Many times bits and pieces provided by other alters were necessary to tell the whole story. Those testimonies always led back to the offenders being at the root of all evil.

I'm not going to even suggest that ALL multiples are good people. BUT I am going to suggest that MOST are!! I do believe that there are people out there with MPD that are sheer evil, but those people are not trying to heal!! They are content to be submersed in their darkness.

Multiples who are engaged in therapy or other forms of healing are not content. Despite all the pain of the road they travel, they continue on in search of the answers. While all may have personalities that have done things the others are ashamed of, that doesn't make them bad people. And accepting those parts will not make them bad people, but it will make them one step closer to the light!


jumpinginpuddles said...

we agree having DID saved us, sorry we werent aroudn to comemnt the first time lifes mnessy right now. But yep it saved us, and we m,ight add continues to save us

Rising Rainbow said...

I don't think it saves me now, my life is good now and I don't need saving but I think if something traumatic enough were to happen, it might jump in and save me again.

Anonymous said...

I dont have DID...but I am bipolar. I too...see most of my illness as a gift. It has left me sensitive to others in pain...more intune if you will.

When manic I am terribly productive and can be very creative, achieving more than anyone would have thought.

The depressions have been bad...and the hypomania is not so great. Rapid cycling is a pain...but all of this is who I am.

I worked hard in therapy to get to a point where I can look in a mirror and be happy with the person I am on the inside as well as the outside.

I realize that my illness has caused pain to those who love me...and I am not at all sure they are clear on how the illness really manifests. I dont hate it though. It just is...and to quote a song that you like..."I am I said". I guess thats all I ever really wanted to know.