Monday, October 29, 2007

Questions, Lots of Questions

arthist99 from Gorilla Wordfare had questions that she posted in a comment on the post,Dealing with Black Alters I answered that I would do a post with the answers since I'm sure others must be wondering about the same kinds of things.

I want to start off by saying that these people had extensive resources. From the beginning I was told (as are all survivors) even if you tell, no one will believe you. And we will know that you have told because we have people everywhere, the police, the fire fighters, the doctors, the schools, the hospitals etc. There is nowhere you can go that we will not be able to know and find you. Then we will really make you pay.

With those kinds of threats, even if a multiple did have a personality that knew about the abuse emerge out in the real world, the odds are that personality would never have the courage to disclose and would hide any injuries to avoid detection. Personalities that didn't know might be totally oblivious to any injuries as part of their self protection. I know it sounds odd, but the mind is a powerful thing and it will do what it has to to survive.

So here are the questions:

Q: How did children receive injuries and not get treated for them?

A: Unfortunately many children were disposable, treating them was not even a consideration. Others were treated only if absolutely necessary. Doctors and nurses were included as part of the membership so their services were available if deemed necessary.

Q:How could parents hide scars and incorrectly healed broken bones once the children were school-age?

A: I can't speak to other survivors particulars because we've not discussed their specific details in regards to this question. But for me, my dislocations were re-located before I was sent home. The only broken bones I ever suffered where in my feet. My feet look ok externally but the damage shows up on x-rays. I don't remember if I was returned home before or after the bones had healed. But I doubt that anyone in my 'regular life' knew I ever had broken bones in my feet. Although I have always had a problem with pain from shoes, and a one point I had to wear braces on my feet. That was explained as an abnormality in the way my foot developed. However, that didn't happen until I was seven. Odd that I didn't have that problem before then.

Q: How can a child die from abuse and no one seem to wonder what happened?

A: Children that were killed by the cult came from different places. Some were raised internally solely for that purpose, particularly infants, but there were older internal children too. Babies that were never born in hospitals and documented.

There were women whose role in the cult was as a breeder to provide children for the cult whether those were infants for sacrifice or slaves. It's my understanding that many of the female ritualistic abuse survivors who have sought help have disclosed being used as breeders.

As for society not noticing, even today, there are stories on the news of children found who have been locked away and tortured by their parents or caregivers for years. The only reason we know this abuse occurred is because the children were found. The cult makes sure the children are never found.

I know people are horrified when these stories come to light. They wonder how a parent could do such horrible things to their child They wonder how the neighbors didn't notice. But it happens. Again I'll state we know because they find those children. The proof is in those stories.

While I can understand people wanting to believe it's just not possible, I know that humans are capable of great cruelty, depravity and ingenuity. I know the world seems like a safer place not believing this kind of stuff happens, but that safety is an illusion. Lots of people live outside the law and some are more depraved than others.

There were other sources of children as well. The homeless have always been easy prey and so have been the children of druggies. Children were also bought on the black market for the cult's purposes.

Q:The "bodies in the woods" you spoke of - did the authorities ever go looking for those missing children?

A: Not that I am aware of. However, I did make a report to the police as an adult. I also returned with two of my therapists to the approximate site where the bodies were dumped. It was clear from the geography of the land and the climate there that bodies would have deteriorated rapidly. That area is still overgrown woods to this day.

Q: How did those people keep others from noticing?

A: Battered children hide their injuries. And families who engage in abuse of any kind, tend to keep to themselves. "If you don't socialize with the neighbors, they won't notice" seems to be the belief. Families involved in satanism take that to even farther degrees.

In my family we were always warned that the neighbors were dangerous. We weren't to tell them anything about or family or our family might be broken up. As much as abused children want to be safe, they want to be safe with their families. The thought of being taken from family is a frightening as the abuse itself.

I think that anti-social behavior tends to make the neighbors think you're weird. I think they just write the irregularities they see off to that weirdness and pay it not mind.

to be continued...........

Part 2


arthist99 said...

Wow. This has been such an eye-opening and terrifying series of posts. Thank you for answering my questions.
At some point in the series, I would be interested in knowing what ideas you have for exposing these people and what the general public could do to help.

Christie said...

This is terrifying! I have read your horse blog but not this one. So so sad but good for you for bringing it to light. Thank you for your comment on my blog and bless you!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

If the children hide it so can we detect and turn it into authorities if need be? What are some signs that we can look for to save a child?

Rising Rainbow said...

arthist99, I hope I answered them all, if you have more, please let me know. It helps me figure out what to write here.

I have to think about what I think about exposing them etc. The next post has info on what I have done.

christie, thanks for visiting this blog and not just running away. People being willing to know is a great first step in finding a solution for this thing.

frazzled farm wife, those are good questions too, I will try to address them in a post, probably a series as well. And as I said above to chrisite, people being willing to listen and believe is a great first step.

I don't know if you all are reading the other comments on this blog, but there are survivors who are still trying to get free commenting as well.

I believe the more support, comfort and prayers we can send their way, the easier their journeys will be. I also believe the more survivors who can truly get free, the more powerful the force fighting against this perversion will be. It's going to take the healed survivors to bring down society's wall of deniaal.

Kahless said...

Hi RR,
I have been following all of your posts on bloglines, even though I have not been commenting.

I agree with previous comments; what you write is an eye opener and terrifying. My heart weeps for the children.

Your blog is an important one on so many levels.

Rising Rainbow said...

Thank you, Kahless, for commenting. As long as I feel like I am being of some help, I will continue.

While I have enjoyed my life since my therapy with this past of mine neatly tucked away, I will continue to dredge it back up as long as I know that it is needed.

BarnGoddess said...

Thank you for this series on this horrible thing that does indeed happen. All too often.

I hate the fact that when people discuss this type of thing(satanism), people tend to become skeptic or try to pretend it is farfetched when in fact it is NOT.

My gosh, RR you do such a good job at discussing this and bringing in facts as well as a personal viewpoint! I think you should be out lecturing about this as well.

Rising Rainbow said...

barn goddess, thank you for your vote of confidence. I suppose that if I ever get my book published that lecturing might become a possibility. I will do what I can to help.

For now, I find myself struggling with the information. I'm not an "off the cuff" type of speaker, I write much better at writing. But even at that, it has been years since I addressed all of these issues in my therapy.

I had tucked this information all neatly away. Now I find people who need answers and I know that I have them because that is how I got free. I want to help but that means I need to drag this information back out again.

It has been hard 'remembering.' There is a great sadness that comes with it. And there is the fear. It would not be wise for me to think that I am totally safe even with all my safequards in order and current. Now I must be back on high alert. It's not a fun way to live.

keepers said...

even in todays world so many people turn their head the other way, it's none of our business, or they may cause problems if we ask or say anything. we have no doubt this still occurs. in our own case we know we were seen by 2 doctors and as far as we know there was never any questions about how this or that happened, maybe they were both associated with the abusers?

pretty disturbing isn't it?

peace and blessings


Anonymous said...

we can attest to all you have said they fix it before you leave the rest they dont exist for us we have one finger still lopsided and deformed out of everything one finger for a childhood of such hurt one solitary finger, that is how the deniall keeps going. No outside proof so its all made up.
Our internal ultrasounds show interesting results though