Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Questions, Lots of Questions Part 2

Questions, Lots of Questions Part 1

While I didn't have an specific questions for this post, I thought it was an appropriate place to add some information that might answer some unspoken questions.

I did go back to the neighborhood that I grew up in and spoke to a neighbor. This woman and her daughter I became quite attached to as a teenager. I asked her if she could believe that my family would be involved in this kind of activity. To my surprise, she said yes. I always thought that others saw my mother as this saintly Catholic woman, but that apparently was not the case at all.

I might add that usually when someone finally breaks down and tells about being involved in this behavior, they are so out of control that no one believes them. More than one of the survivors I met were still involved as adults. While they had personalities who wanted to get free, they also had personalities who were still actively involved. While becoming a multiple can save a child from perishing from horrific abuse, it can also be manipulated to keep a victim caught in a trap. Many victims of ritualistic abuse or satanism continue to be victimized long into adulthood. Only after that have outlived their usefulness to the cult are they left alone, or worse, disposed of.

One woman I met was known to the police that I later made my reports to. She had an extensive mental health record and a police record so was considered unreliable. The officers didn't know what to do with anything that she said. It sounded crazy to them.

Then they met me. I was a normal high functioning citizen. I didn't have a history in and out of mental institutions and no criminal history. I was clear, concise and knowledgeable and even more important, believable. I was what they call a "credible witness."

I gave them a reason to think that maybe what they had been hearing from others was true. While I was talking about things from nearly forty years ago, those things so paralleled what the officers were hearing about in the present, it was unnerving. It was hard to deny that the account of their known contacts aligned with my experiences.

These officers really wanted to delve into investigating my charges but there was one problem. Satanism is considered a religion and is protected under our constitution. Without hard evidence, the law prohibits them from conducting an investigation. However, if I should disappear or die from anything but natural causes, they will have what they need to proceeded with their investigation.

They have my complete record, names, dates, times, even copies of my artwork showing detailed accounts of many, many illegal and depraved activities. They are not the only ones who have these documents. I have set up an extensive network allowing for the possibility that part of these safeguards will be thwarted. In the event that I am silenced, there will be an investigation.

To be continued.....

Part 3


Kahless said...

Satanism is protected under your constitution? Then I think your constitution is an ass and should be changed.

I had a Catholic upbringing and education. I have zero time for the Catholic church. It doesnt know the meaning of love and just protects cruel twisted people.

arthist99 said...

That seems so odd. Weren't they able to investigate the child abuse cases in the Catholic church based on victim accounts?

Rising Rainbow said...

arthist99, obviously there are some big differences between satanism and the Catholic church. The biggest of which is the Catholic church is functioning out in the open. In the beginning it was not the church itself that was investigated, it was the individuals charged with abuse. From there the investigation led to policies within certain regions of the church that hid the abuse that were investigated as well, but only after the door was opened because they had a specific know offender.

What happened to me involved a hidden organization that most people were unaware even existed. As a child I was told that it would never do me any good to tell because the police wouldn't find anything even if they did look, not to mention that police and even judges were involved.

There was no known church on a corner in a town with a particular priest the community all knew where these things happened to go pick up and question. While I thought I had names of some people, the police could find no record of them. They had no starting point.

Satanism is registered in this country as a religion. The constitution prohibits them from just going out an investigating a religion.

Rising Rainbow said...

kahless, freedom of religion is protected under our constitution. Satanism has just found a way to exploit that. It was never the intent of our founding fathers to enable such behavior, only to protect people from persecution because others didn't agree with them.

I understand your frustration with the Catholic church. However, I don't think the church is the problem, it is the people who have "interpreted" the religion to suit their own gains. I'm afraid that most every religion has seen bad people with their own agendas along the way.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

This is such an eye opener. I knew these types of things went on but not the extent that it happened or still happens today, that is really scary. I am glad that you have protected yourself from repercussions and really hope that what you are doing can ultimately make a difference. We live in a depraved world, I am very disillusioned with the human race at the moment.



Fallen Angels said...

I think a lot of religions exploit the "freedom of religion" aspect of our constitution. If a person wanted to and/or was sick enough, that person could twist just about anything from any religion into something sick.

While our RA was clearly satanic (with something mixed in making it a bit of a hybrid, which I will post about soon); it's important to remember that not all RA is satanic. One of our very best 3d and online friends is an LDS sect RA survivor and we also know of some charismatic Christian survivors as well as a Roman Catholic survivor. In all of these cases, the "group" involved had diverged from the mainstream church, but since they are registered religions, they have the protection of freedom of religion; as well as the protection of the general population's blindness to the terrible possibilities.

Rising Rainbow said...

lori, because human beings are capable of such behavior does not make them ALL bad. Without kind and caring people to support me through my journey I would never have been able to rid myself of my programming.

I think it's important to remember than mankind can and does run all across the spectrum between good and evil. To only see the bad side would be a grave error. Hope lies in knowing that there is the other side as well.

fallen angels, you are absolutely right. Not all ritualistic abuse is satanism. Cults come in many forms. And it is important to know the warning signs.

The cult deprogrammer I worked with for a while, found herself (with all of her knowlegde) smack dab in the middle of a reglious cult. Her inception had been so subtle she didn't even see it coming until it was too late. She was forced to go into hiding and change her name to get free from them. And she lost her kids in the process.

The fanatics who run these organizations are no different than other offenders except that they are very charismatic. They know how to spot when people are in trouble and exploit that to further their own gains.

Most ritualistic abuse is based in religion however I believe that Charles Manson would probably be a good example of one that was not. He definitely knew how to spot young people who were lost and get inside their heads to get them to do his bidding. There is a lot to be learned there.

jumpinginpuddles said...

im not sure about this religion stuff but what i do know is any cult who degrades, r*pes (both mentally and physically) branwashes abuses at times destroys is a religion that isnt worth the name religion, all those cults should have a name change to this E*IL no other word applies