Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Brief Change in Direction

I need to interrupt this series on Questions, Lots of Questions that I've been running. My timing was not good here. There are important things happening in the world of satanism and even more importantly to those who are trying to free themselves from the grasp of that darkness. While it is important to be answering questions and enlightening people, it is equally important to be on top of things.

To some who are reading this blog, this is probably obvious because they are dealing with the inner turmoil the holiday brings . But this information is still unknown to those who are learning about this perversion for the first time. I think it serves both types of readers to address this situation when it is most timely. So here it goes.

Right now is the very worst time of year for anyone who has been touched by satanism. It is not just the approaching date of Oct 31 that is the problem. The celebration of Halloween for the practicing satanist is not just one day. This holiday is a marathon of evil that lasts two weeks long.

The rituals have been going on for days. It is a building process. The darkness of the rituals will build to the culmination tomorrow night. Only when the sun rises on All Saints Day will the evil stop. The satanists will be driven back into the darkness when the saints reclaim the mother earth and their victims will be allowed to go home.

This is the belief system upon which they operate. But you need to know that they are working for the day that there is so much evil in the world that the saints can no longer reclaim it. Their goal is to convert over enough of humankind that the Savior falls. To this end, they are continually looking for new victims and making sure they do not lose the ones they have.

For anyone who has been touched by satanism, the pull begins the beginning of Oct. With each passing day, it grows stronger and stronger. Inner programming is trying to assert itself to bring the victim back to the cult to participate in the greatest of all holidays.

Victims who have been living normal lives most of the time, will feel the tug to return. If they don't respond and release the participating personality, they will be consumed with depression. Enveloped in a stifling darkness that is designed to overpower them and return them to the dark side. If they don't, they will be in grave danger from within. If they do, they will be victimized yet again.

Each of these victims has been programmed with an enforcer. The role of the enforcer is to protect the secrets and the cult and to get the survivor back to the cult whenever she/he is supposed to be there. There are preset triggers, including ignoring programming, that signal and enforcer to begin assaulting the victim. These triggers, their timetable etc are all determined by the role the victim plays within the cult's structure.

These enforcer assaults can take many forms including self mutilation, self medicating, psychological assaults and suicide. Most victims who have awareness of the enforcer's existence within are far enough along in their recovery to be frightened and seeking help. Others may not have a clue that they are being assaulted. All they know is how they feel and that is, they want to be dead!

Notice I didn't say "die," I said "be dead." It has been my experience with survivors that they characteristically make the distinction between the two. They want to "be dead" and have it over with. They don't want more pain or "to die" they just want a resolution. The only resolution that seems possible for them is to "be dead." It is an interesting distinction to say the least.

Many times this great pain inflicted by an enforcer will cause the multiple to switch personalities to weaker personalities. The stronger controlling personalities have become so exhausted trying to cope they have run out of ideas and can be seduced into relinquishing control thinking they are doing what is safe for them when they are really playing right into the hands of their programmers.

It is turning the body over to the weaker personalities that opens the doors for the cult personality to be freed. The weaker personalities are easily intimidated and have difficulty maintaining control on their own. Switches can happen often causing more chaos and a further downward spiral. It is from this chaos that the participating personality (or personalities) can be unleashed. Once that happens the body can be returned to the cult to be victimized again.

For those reading this blog and learning about these issues for the first time, I know that this may all sound surreal. How can it possibly be? Yet, as I have suggested in my recent comments, if you were to follow some of the comments of readers back to their sources, you will find people involved in this very struggle. Others I have found looking through my stats. I assure you they are out there, survivors fighting for their very lives. And if you look closely, you will see that they are coming from around the globe.

These people reading my blog are seeking answers. Some way to understand what is happening to them. Some help finding protection. Any hint to help them survive their enforcers.Some way to be freed from this yearly assault. Anything at all that will relieve their pain and keep them alive. What they need is some hope and some prayers from those of you who can.

It's obvious that satanism is not going to be stopped overnight or even anytime soon. It is the oldest struggle on earth and yet it has been the most hidden. Many choose to see it as the ravings of religious fanatics or lunatics and deny its existence. That denial is what gives it the power to be such a force in the world.

For those that are out there struggling to be freed from its clutches, I would ask that my other readers please think of them. Pray for them or send them light or well or whatever it is that you do for those who need help. Because I assure you they need all of the help and support they can get.


Anonymous said...

all saints day is also known as the rising from the dead sometiems like last year for us that is a day that can be even harder than all put together, this year we expect even more becasue we know exactly what they are rising and who they are, but hey its all science fiction and we wouldnt know anything because anyone who says such things is a liar.
Just we know we arent, what we go through now as back then is far too real and deeply penetrating.

Marj aka Thriver said...

I am thinking of you today. I am also doing my best to send light and love vibes out there to all.

Anonymous said...

Hey...completely off topic here. We just discovered your comment on our hidden blog (yea, took us a coupla days). We aint to sure how ya got there but maybe has somethin ta do with the link we put in the post? Like trackbacks or somethin? Yea, not completely computer illiterate here but pretty close! Anyways...its totally cool that ya found it, we aint got a problem with that...we just wanna let ya no that it started out hidden from Sera and others and now its mostly hidden from others, we think Sera might no bout it now. The point is...please dont link that blog anywhere. Theres only like 6 people (countin you) that have access there. Our T, 3 very close friends that we no in 3d as well as online and Dr. Deb (who got access accidently but we dont mind...W accidently commented on Deb's blog while signed in and immediately deleted and sent Deb an email). Anyways...I was goin ta go post bout what ya said in your comment bout bein safe...our T had talked bout that with Sera yesterday. So that post will be up some time this mornin.

Lisa from FA

arthist99 said...

This just becomes more and more complicated. I never would have guessed the "programming" would draw an unwilling person back into the thing they fear the most. How twisted.

It's so sad that this has come to be a facet of Halloween. The original Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced Sow-in) was not meant to promote bringing out the evil spirits, but to scare them away as they would do damage to the crops and cause other mischief and trouble. (Hence the dressing up as scary things - to scare off the evil spirits.) It was a way for people to feel that they had some control over things they feared, in preparation for a long, difficult, cold winter - something that held much sickness and death for the people of that time.

It bothers me that these terrible people have essentially altered history as a means to scare and torment others for their own sick reasons. What should be a fun time for children to get over their fears of boogey men and creepy crawlies has been turned into just the opposite.

Thank you for the illumination you have given me regarding these events. I will be thinking of you and the others during this week.

Kahless said...

You are in my thoughts Rainbow.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

You have been in my thoughts all day, I hope that you have managed to cope and anyone else in your situation. (((((Hugs)))))


keepers said...

we think this is good you are helping to educate others on the practices and rituals, like those policemen too many say no way that can't be happening, and it was and still does.

sending you safe hugs and thanks



Cheesemeister said...

I was going to say pretty much what Arthist said but they said it better. Witches (Wiccans) get accused of Satanism when we do not accept Satan as one of our deities. I believe that such beings exist because with all the evil in the world, how could they not exist and thrive? But that most assuredly does not mean I worship such beings! I got very tired of being accused of Satan worship when I was younger. I went to school with a lot of hardline baptists and such. Finally I decided it was more fun to throw them the horn gesture and an evil grin and to laugh at them than to let it hurt me. But to this day I worry that when people find out I'm a Pagan they will reject me as evil without bothering to get to know me. So in truth, we Pagans think Satanists suck too.