Sunday, October 28, 2007

For Fallen Angels and Sacrificial Lambs Everywhere - Part 3

Fallen Angels

Take into account is the symbolism of the ritual itself. Most organized religions practice rituals of one kind or another. Many small children are familiar with the existence of these rituals. Even if they don't participate in a religious nature, they see them on tv and in movies.

The use of rituals in and of themselves carry powerful messages and consequences to small children. They get that this is about hurting God. They get that it is about making the devil stronger. They carry that responsibility, even though it is not truly theirs to carry.

The sacrifice has been perverted for a powerful reasons. It not only carries a message to the child but to the other participants of the cult. These practices not only convince the child that she/he somehow deserves this treatment but contributes to keeping the adult participants trapped in a culture most of them were indoctrinated into in a manner similar to this child.

If you haven't thought about the significance of the blood in this scenario, do! Just as the body and blood of Christ are significant to Christianity, warping it and turning it into something vile and evil is significant to satanism. These elements are essential to building the belief that the behavior is unforgivable.

There are a number of things here that have happened that help to put a further hold over the psyche of the child. Remember that these rituals are not just to torture the child but to take over control of that child's mind so the cult can control her participation in the group.

The first of these powerful forces is guilt. Sometimes the child has been led to believe that this sacrifice was done in her/his honor. But even if that particular leverage hasn't been applied, the sheer fact the child has "participated' in such an event holds immense guilt. The child has now been convinced that she/her is really, really bad. This ensures her silence and isolates her from others. Necessary ingredients in the manipulation of a child's mind.

Next is the powerlessness. We all hate to feel powerless. However, to be so overcome that even who you are as a human being becomes compromised is the ultimate humiliation and shame. Being rendered completely powerless all rolled up in a neat little package with humiliation and shame are huge tools in the arsenal of mind control.

Then there is the mystery surrounding the unknown figure. Every thing points to take figure having supernatural powers. The child is led to believe that he/she can get to her/him without even being present. What more compelling a way to ensure loyalty than to cause someone to believe there is NO WAY you can escape my power.

There is no way the mind of a child can sort through this kind of an experience. The only possible course of action is to hide it away as deeply as possible. Yet it's very presence plays an enormous role in the developing child's life, altering the way that child now views herself/himself. This one encounter has totally brainwashed the child into believing that she has become a child of the devil. She/he may not know at this point that satanism is the name of the game but she/he has been convinced that she is evil. Unfortunately this is just round one.


Fallen Angels said...

I am reading and taking this all in...working on processing it. I'll make a more lengthy comment soon.


Anonymous said...

This time of year exists in a blur of we can get through yet we never seem to come out unscathed sometimes we wonder if there is a point to all this madness. Yet we know if we keep trying one day we might be able to do as you do and place encouragment in other survivors hearts.
Once again many thanks for your courage and honesty.