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For Fallen Angels and Sacrificial Lambs Everywhere Part 2

*Note This post has explicit or graphic content.

Part 1

For many cult survivors, their rescue from the "grave" is short lived. From there they are taken to the scene of a ritual where they are to become part of the offering.Victims describe people in dark hooded robes, chanting, smoke. Usually the child will relay feeling dizzy and disoriented (probably from the drink she/he was given upon removal from the grave.)

Many times the children see or hear the torture and sacrifice of a small animal of some kind. Sometimes it is the sacrifice of a human infant (this depends on the ranking in the cult this child is to take as an adult). In this instance Fallen Angels heard a small animal screaming. For me, it was an infant. ( I will speak later as to where these infants come from)

Of course by now, the child is crying and screaming uncontrollably. The rescuer's job is to silence the child, usually with a slap across the face, shaking or some other physical assault. The child is admonished not to cry. "You must never, never cry. You must never make a single sound, no matter what we do to you." The message is loud and clear. Stop or you go back to your grave.....this time it might just be permanently.

The sooner the child can be taught to be emotionless, the better off the cult is. Swallowing feelings down causes individuals to dissociate from themselves. The more disconnected we get from our humanity, the easier it is to perpetuate violence against others. The role of satanism is clearly to render human beings into monsters. A big step toward that goal is disconnecting them from their emotions

The child is placed on a stone cold slab or altar of some kind. By this time the drug has taken full effect and the child has been rendered immobile. The adults participating in this ritual remove the blood from the sacrifice (and sometimes specific organs) and "anoint" the newly reborn child.

Many victims recall this as feeling some warm liquid, others know for sure that it is blood. Many times the child is written upon with the sacrificial blood with many cult members retracing satanic symbols on the child's naked body as she/her is dedicated to the devil. Again the goal of this behavior is to instill abject horror in the child. Fallen Angel describes being laid on a cold slab maybe concrete. For me it was an elaborate marble alter.

While this is being done, another figure emerges from the darkness. This one clothed in a different colored robe, sometimes white, sometimes red. The figure commands respect, can be holding a scepter or staff that is usually carved or imprinted with snakes. The details of this figure's dress and appointments and also what he/she does with the victim are clues to his/her ranking in the organization.

This figure addresses the group speaking an unfamiliar language while raping the child with the staff. The child cannot understand what the figure is saying yet all participants listen intently. Even though the child is being raped, she/he is unaware because she/he can feel nothing because the drug that has immobilized her/him has also anaesthetised her/him.

When the figure finally departs it is usually mysteriously. Usually the drug will begin to wear off about the same time as the figure disappears, leaving the child experiencing the sensations of having been raped. The child has no way of comprehending that the actual act happened earlier when the robed figure was there. Instead she/he believes it is happening when she/he experiences the pain. This further adds to the mysterious power of this strange figure.

To be continued............

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Anonymous said...

the emotionless state is something that once taught is easily triggered to reappear at any given moment or time, or for the part who learnt this state easily switched in and out sometimes causing damaging and disastrous results in adult hood.