Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Year Anniversary!

On July 22, 2007 I began this blog with A Little History I had read a couple of blogs that were written by others diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder (now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder) and I thought that my perspective as a multiple who had come out the other side of therapy might be helpful.

Since my mother had died earlier that year, I was having a few rumblings within my system but nothing that needed the intervention of a theurapuetic relationship. I hadn't really give much thought to journaling about those rumblings here. Instead I just figured I'd go with the flow and post about whatever came to mind. (In hindsight, it probably would have been wise to post those rumblings........but who knew I"d find such a great support system here.)

In the beginning I had hoped to post a blog each day. I've had no problem keeping up with that pace on my horse blog and at first I didn't have much problem keeping up with that pace here. I had all kinds of things I wanted to say buzzing around in my head.

As I began to work through the obvious things, I found myself struggling for topics that I thought might be of interest. Since things in my life are pretty much horse oriented, that didn't leave me much to post here so I backed off a bit trying to figure out a strategy or something that might help me get back to regular posting.

Then life threw a few bumps my way and posting material became more obviouis. However, things got hectic enough internally that posting was the last thing on my mind. Just figuring out which end was up and finding a way to get things back under control took most of my time and energy.

Hopefully, I'm through that for now and I can get back to regular posting with just a wee bit less drama in my life to trigger it. Middle ground has always been the most comfortable place for me to function and I'm hoping I have a firm grasp of it at this moment.

In this year I have posted 236 entries. I may not get back to my original goal of a blog a day but I hope to at least keep up with the same number of posts from last year. I think this wraps up post number 1 in towards that goal. Since I got stung by a bee earlier this evening and I am having an allergic reaction, I think that's it for me.............so much for less drama.


Enola said...

Happy One Year Anniversary!!!

Ouch on the bee - do you have some benadryl?

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Congrats on 1 year of blogging!

April_optimist said...

Happy Anniversary! 236 posts is impressive.

Sympathies on the bee sting.

Kahless said...

Happy anniversary!

Am I right in thinking that you are saying that at first you were blogging your stories for others, but now you realise that blogging can be helpful for you too?

And if you want me to supply some questions you know I am always game!

Lily Strange said...

Doing one post a day is hard. There's this pain in the ass thing called life that tends to get in the way.

Rising Rainbow said...

Thanks everyone for the anniversary wishes!

enola, it's funny how time flies. It sure didn't seem like I'd been blogging that long. LOL

I do have benadryl but this is the most painful sting. The benadryl sure isn't doing a thing for that.

frazzled farm wife, thanks! and thanks for following me through most of it.

april_optimist, it sure didn't feel like I did that many. LOL

The bee sting sucks!

kahless, I find that journaling is always helpful. I guess I just hadn't thought of this as journaling, silly me.

you bet! You can fire away with your questions any old time. I'll be ready for them lol

lily strange, you're sure right about life and then sometimes I'm just too tired to sit here at the computer.

Kahless said...

I smile looking at the old comments too;

What happened to the questioning Kahless?

Mmmm. See's not gone away, just been dormant. Must re-activate her!