Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Chaplain

With the recent accident of my daughter, Lindsay, I found myself in the situation of having to deal with the hospital chaplain. I guess I can understand why that would be a given for a trauma such as Lindsay's. But with just the mention of his title, I found myself cringing.

How am I to tell this man who thinks that he knows God that I don't need his assistance to pray. I am secure in my beliefs and I know how to pray in the way that works for me.......and yet telling someone that seems to just open the door for more of "their kind of knowledge of God." I've found that few will ever really understand or know the relationship that I have with Him.

A voice from within says that "Yes, God was there.....God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost......united together in the triangle around this child protecting her from this evil. It couldn't have happened any other way that she could be saved from the clutches of such evil.

The evil one dared to grab the child from the altar and while he tossed her aside like garbage onto the ground, he cried out in pain as his hand was seared. The molten flesh was falling in huge drips onto the floor as evil touched the pure innocence of God that shielded her. How do you explain that to someone?

Did she understand that God, Himself, had come to save her? Probably not but someone inside clearly did. The child knew that she could trust in God or she never would have had the courage to call out His name. Although I doubt that she knew He would actually save her when she did so. I think she thought she would go to Him when they killed her.

Regardless He was not what they had tried to teach her that He was. This God was good and someday maybe He would find it in His Heart to forgive her. And yet with all of this I find I still struggle with religion and those who are wrapped up tightly in it.

What does this mean in regards to this accident? It means that I do not have to pray with the chaplain the way that would comfort him but make me uncomfortable. I do not have to discuss my spirituality with anyone. The only one I answer to is Him. I can continue on living my life the way that I do and know that it is ok with God.

It means that I can trust that life doesn't happen to me because I am bad. It just happens.


Kahless said...

Definately a theme of religion running through blogland today. I am going to write a post myself I think.

A number of months ago you said that you would do a post on the commandment "honour your mother and father."

Any chance?

Oh and I noticed that when you refer to God you use capitals on He and Him. I have never noticed anyone else do that before.

Rising Rainbow said...

kahless, I haven't been able to catch up in blogland today, or for that matter since Lindsay got hurt, so I haven't noticed that others are on this subject too. However, I have noticed that sometimes just out of the blue a theme seems to hit.

I will work on the post on the comandment. It's the fifth, isn't it?

I was taught in Catholic school that God was always capitalized whether a noun or a pronoun. That it's a matter of respect setting the Almighty above. Don't they do that anymore? Even if they don't, I would still do it. It makes it clear who I am referring to.

jumpinginpuddles said...

wow must be as kahless said religious day.

We have a question ands it is this, how come god did that for you but didnt for others in similar circumstances? We have wanted to ask for ages for keep forgetting.
We ask for a specific reason becaause we had a visitation at aged seven but it made no fucking ounce of difference, in this case no one saw him but the alter is that what made the difference because we just dont get it

Kahless said...

I went to a convent schoolo (ursuline nuns) and can't remember being taught that.
(standards must have dropped come my day :-) )
But I like it that you do it.

Depending on your religion, it is commandment number 4 or 5.

Rising Rainbow said...

jip, I can only guess about the answer to your question but I think it is because my programming was defective. From what I can tell not one part of me had been turned against God.

For them to "keep" me, there had to be one part that had made the choice to participate by the time I reached the age of reason and that didn't happen in my case.

kahless, interesting that they don't teach that anymore.

I didn't know that the number was different in some religions. That is interesting much is based on man's interpretation of God.

Kahless said...

Lutherans have it as number 4.

keepers said...

we completely agree with you on this as we too have our own relationship with god thet we have gorged and it is nothing like what we were taught is should be like.

peace and blessings


little wanderer said...

There is a small part of me that really struggles with the belief in God when I hear and know about how much suffering there is in the world, but then if I had no faith I know I would not be where I am now.

Lily Strange said...

This would be hard for me too. I was raised Catholic but am now Buddhist. I don't feel like I should have to defend my beliefs, but in the presence of religious figures I always feel the fire and brimstone coming on.