Saturday, January 3, 2009

Michelle Remembers.........'s been a while since I posted about this book. It was back in August of 2007 Believe It or Not - Ritualistic Abuse Part 3 I wrote about it in the third post of a series about ritualistic abuse. Now a new reader to my blog, Mojo, followed a link from the New Year's Reflections on 2007 to the very first post in that series Believe It or Not - Ritualistic Abuse has thought about Michelle Remembers and me enough to reference it again in a comment.

I've got to say it really makes me wonder. Certainly Mojo has more information than my doctor did as I explained in that post about my doc. But Mojo has no specific details and only inferences in that post he read.........well and that label on my blog that says Satanism could be a clue if he looked at it. It just surprises me that the book pops up in reference to me.

Maybe part of my wonderment comes from many thinking that book has been discredited. The fact that Michelle married her therapist seems to negate her whole story for some people. Makes the book fiction instead of truth.

Granted the man never should have married his patient. However, just because Michelle stayed a victim by being involved in an inappropriate relationship with him doesn't mean he planted those memories in her head. I suspect the extreme neediness of a victim of this form of abuse would make her more vulnerable to inappropriate behavior on the part of a therapist, that's for sure. But planting memories.......... I know that's not my story.

That is what many people think though.......particularly professionals in the field. The therapist must have suggested those things to a vulnerable Michelle to make build himself a be famous. Any excuse from the powers that to not believe such horrors exist.

Yet, the very response of those professionals to the marriage was predictable too. If the man was cunning and smart enough to plant this stuff to get famous and wealthy you would think he would have skipped the part that would discredit him. But, hey, what do I know, I'm just another victim of this crap that most don't want to believe exists.

Still the people who believe the book also believe me. For me it's kind of curious and hopeful in a way. With so many times as a child being told "They will never believe you." how can I help but feel hopeful when some people do?

Since starting this blog I have found more support than I expected. People who have stumbled across it for whatever reason....I've posted a comment on their blog, through my horse blog, etc. have come forward and said they believe me........and they are there for support.

I get so much more than support from their belief. Knowing that people can accept makes the world safer for me. The security of the people who hurt me lies in others' disbelief and denial. The offenders count on that to keep their secret.

Those many years ago when this happened to me, people did not escape. Some outgrew their usefullness and were allowed to leave (breeders too old or sick to have babies anymore, those gone mad or that would be seen as mad mostly) Today, things are different. There are people escaping and telling their stories because there are professionals who do believe and are willing to help. Unfortunately there are therapists willing to exploit them as well. But despite the latter, the fact some people do believe and have stood up and said so has made a difference. It has made it possible for those victims brave enough to flee to do so.

I am contacted from time to time by people looking for answers, maybe reassurance.......some are victims.......some treatment providers.......sometimes it's just ordinary people just wanting to know. I know this is because our society now talks about child abuse. That opened the door. Sure some have walked through farther than others, but it's open. That's what counts.

I can't help but wonder if Michelle Remembers even with discredidation has had an impact, what would my book do if I could ever get it written and published. That question lingers in my mind...........and makes me think I need to get to that box un buried and get to work.


jumpinginpuddles said...

we think michelle only told prt of her story a story that resonagtes for what we could get through, we are also a survivor who doesnt tell lies, but then again we know how much satanist need for people like us to be silent after all they dont like their cover getting blown.
We are as you know a recent escape but never recent enough for us to ever forget how close we came to not making it, thank god for others talking because it sure has helped us.

Kahless said...

Something is holding you back from unburying that box as you have talked about it on and off for over a year now.

Mojo said...

Actually I didn't read the Believe It or Not post, it was the one you called (I think) "A Little History". But you mentioned satanism in the New Year's post when you referenced "Believe it Or Not" and that may have been in my mind as I read the other post.

I still haven't managed to catch up, but I will.

lovelee said...

A very good friend of mine went through ritualistic satanic abuse. I believe her, and I believe you, though I don't want to. The only reason I don't want to believe is that I don't want to think that anyone went through such horrors. I don't want to believe that people can be so awful to one another. It really saddens me that there are so many people out there who carry such a history with them at the fate of other people. It also amazes me, the resiliency of the human spirit. People can live through horrors that I can't even imagine and become a role model for others. Your honesty in your blog has brought me to realize that I no longer have to hide behind the stigma of the mental illness that I have. I am more honest with people, and I no longer hide that I have struggled in the past. Yours is truly a story of inspiration!
Thank YOu