Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Time for Children

Since Christmas is a time for children, I thought it would be a good time to show you another side of me. Most of the time I am a grown-up but I do have that other dimension to me that those with multiple personality disorder can relate to.....there are those parts of me that are children.

My system does not expose those children often........nor lightly......but they do exist. Probably the only way anyone would suspect it, however, is by looking in my room. There on the bed always are Teddy and, of course, Ellie the Phant but that is only the beginning of the toys belonging to this system of mine.

In this second picture joining Teddy and Ellie are only a small sample of the stuffed animals I own. My bed is not large enough to hold the whole crew. The ones in the picture are the ones that live closest to the bed. There is a panda bear holding a silly fake orange. I'm not sure who that tickled but it was someone in there.

A very special favorite is the little musical dragon. Wind him up and, of course, Puff the Magic Dragon chimes through the room. The Momma bunny wearing the wreath on her head watches over all the others in the room. The lavendar bear was a gift from my youngest daughter.....lots of my stuff toys have come from her.

Then there would be the dolls and the toys that also live in that room......many in boxes because there just isn't enough room. There is also an assortment of art in this room, all chosen by children in case you can't tell. I'm not really sure what the symbolism is behind the clowns that hang over my bed but I know it's there. Everything my inner children have chosen has its own special meaning. I suspect is has to do with the sadness in their eyes. This work is an original by an artist friend of mine, Val Persoon. I feel fortunate to own two original works by this talented artist.

So there's a brief glimpse into another side of me. I hope you all have a very happy holiday! Merry Christmas! would be my salutation of choice.........but whatever makes you happy is OK by me!


Missing In Sight said...


I feel truly touched and honored that you shared another side of yourself that includes your inner children.

I hope it is appropriate to ask that you thank your inner children from a person who is very respectful of them and wishes them a fun and happy time during these weeks of celebration.

Rebecca (Missing In Sight)

Donna said...

Thank you for sharing, I think its wonderful that you have lots of toys and companions for your children. I hope every one has a wonderful holiday.

Enola said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Kahless said...

Thanks for sharing RR.

Merry Christmas!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Awww...what a great collection!