Monday, December 21, 2009

Questions of My Own

I find myself examining the last year to see what has changed because there has been a change.........a change in me. I'm not going to say I was gloriously happy last year but the world seemed all right to me. Now, it feels like it's no longer a safe place. So how did it get that way? What has happened to change things.

Not that everything was great with my family before that because it wasn't. I was having problems with my daughter and granddaughter. Despite doing what I thought was protecting myself from them, I have continued to be increasingly hurt.

If I'm honest, I have to say there has been a catalyst in this change......a person in my life stirring the pot so to speak. Little pieces of information get dropped my way that are hurtful. Those little pieces have built up into a huge mountain. I feel like I've been discarded by my family.........pretty much all of my family. I don't know if that's real or not..........only that it's how I feel. So do I try to figure it out...........or do I run?


AnnL said...

Just remember that you can't control or change other people. All you can do is change how YOU react to them.

Wanda's Wings said...

I'm sorry you are having a rough time. Hold on to the hope tomorrow will be a better day. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Enola said...

Merry CHristmas!