Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More on the Fallen..........

Yesterday was the memorial service for the four police officers killed here Thanksgiving weekend. I spent the afternoon watching the event on TV. I even wrote the post on my horse blog about it, a day for the fallen. Just couldn't get myself to write much of anything else.

Today, I had an appointment to get my haircut. My normal route took me right past the location this whole think happened. I wasn't prepared for my reaction as I drove by.

It really is an amazing sight. The entire corner of the property has been taken over by a memorial created by passers by leaving their remembrances. Television doesn't do the magnanimity of it justice. It limits it to a frame. In real life it seems to go on forever. As I rounded the corner it took over my entire view.

Even today there were still people there paying tribute to the fallen officers. People were crying and looking at all the things that have been left. Police officers are there too, standing over it...........guarding it. My heart was breaking.

To be honest, my heart still breaks. You'd think having lived through such evil in my childhood something like this wouldn't shake me. I know about evil in it's most vile form. Yet something about this crime and the one less than a month before it has a hold over me. If police officers cannot feel safe in this can I?


Kahless said...

Why has it shaken you?

These days I pause to see hear the name of our fallen in Afghanistan and watch their return to the UK in coffins. I pause momentarily out of respect.

I remember I spent the day glued to the TV for Diana Spencer when she was buried.

The death of these police officers seems to have affected you deeply. I hope I dont sound shit when I ask you why?

Rising Rainbow said...

Kahless, to be honest, I think everything affects me deeply....or nearly everything. Feeling strongly seems to be a part of my make up.

I have always been deeply moved by loss of life......human, animal, it doesn't matter which. Death seems like such a waste........and deaths like this I struggle to find the words........unconscionable comes to mind. Yet they happened.

I might add that most in my community seem to feel the same way. There has been an amazing outpouring over this. The tragedy seems to be pulling the community tightly together. We'll see how long it lasts.

English Rider said...

Empathy is a double edged sword. In order to sympathize with another's pain, you must feel it too. It hurts you but it makes you a better human being; more able to help and support others. It is a heavy gift. I respect you for trying to carry such a load.