Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thoughts on Easter

Looking at some of my poetry and some recently posted by JIP's, one just can't help but wonder what those people were thinking when they did those terrible things. It's hard sometimes to understand why stuff like this happens in the first place but even harder to fathom what was really behind it.

Disconnecting from "it happened to me," instead thinking like someone observing satanism, I can "see" the things "they" do. All are really about ridiculing God..........a "neener, neener, neener" in the face saying evil exists and God can do nothing about it..................unless, of course, He does away with free will and no longer allows us humans to make our own attempt to make God, Himself, feel powerless.

Every ritual, every victim intended to wound God himself. The more excruciating the pain, the more innocent the victim the more the heart of God breaks. That's what the intent of Satanism really is. All of it is to make God pay for rejecting the evil archangels, throwing them from heaven into the abyss.

Sure the convoluted way the satanists twist holy rituals into their own form of evil holds innocent children in their trap but the real focus of their perversions is an assault on good. Because they can never attain it..........they are driven to defile it.

Yet they are so caught up in their own evil, they can't even see, as they have trapped their victims, they have trapped themselves. They made their choice long ago and now they are stuck living with all it entails. Like bad little boys jeering at their superiors, they strike out seeking to defile everything sacred in their attempts to get even. All they do, however, is drive themselves deeper into the blackness.

Each soul they steal, an attempt to fill the void that comes from the absence of godliness. Yet the void is always empty because that's all a void can ever be. They exist enraged by their own very existence, because despite their best efforts, they can never win. The only way to fill that void is with good..............and good..... they can never be.

Their victims, on the other hand, still have the chance to find their way free. Their experience with true darkness enough to convince they seek the total opposite. And those who touch the lives of these survivors equally compelled. Instead of destroying the army of God, the satanists are actually building a league of warriors driven to goodliness.

Just as God's son arose from death on this day, each survivor, who finds her/his way past the oppression of evil, is resurrected into the light and is welcomed triumphantly by the Father.


Lily Strange said...

I read a fair bit of true crime in an attempt to understand why people do things of this nature. No luck doing so on this end!

flashbacks and the like said...

we said to you the otehr day we went to church good friday in a desperate search to find a jesus they hadnt destroyed i truly believe this year unlike any other we are finding him.

Anonymous said...

This is tremendous and powerful!

Enola said...

I think of JIP a lot around religious holidays. She is a true testament to the power of survivors to rise over Satanism.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What a great post! I am so thankful that you survived and are here to enlighten the rest of us about your journey.

Kahless said...

Interesting post. I hadnt thought of this take.

jumpinginpuddles said...

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