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22nd Carnival Against Child Abuse - Telling the Secret

carnival against child abuse - March 13, 2009

Welcome to the March 13, 2009 edition of carnival against child abuse. The theme of this carnvial is Telling the Secret chosen because of all the negative messages there are around telling the secret in the first place. Listening to those messages comes at a price but telling the secret does too.

Nancy at Heal and Forgive . presents Standing in the Truth a powerful account of the price that comes with the telling.

There's another side to the story when the secret isn't told. cornnut32 at picture of experience shared victims who suffer silently a post about what life is like for those victims who don't tell. There is a powerful message in this post.

MiKael Caillier presents My Clouds, My Storms and Multiple Personality Disorder: More on My "Real" Therapy - Stage Two posted at My Clouds, My Storms and Multiple Personality Disorder, saying, "The telling can come in different ways.......a little at a time, or in pieces sometimes. Remembering back to the days of my therapy process and the tellling of the first pieces that were to lead to the Satanic Ritual Abuse in my past. Even though I had no idea where this road was to lead, it was the telling of these first pieces that made it safe for me to get to the whole story. "

Michele Rosenthal presents Healing PTSD: Ten Reasons Not to Talk About It; And the One Reason You Really, Really Should posted at PARASITES OF THE MIND, saying, "We all keep so many secrets. We're so afraid to let others see our past and our pain. But healing only begins when we bridge the gap between ourselves and others who can help us make peace with yesterday so we can live fully today."

Colleen Spiro presents Surviving by Grace: Telling the Secret posted at Surviving by Grace. Colleen relates a telling account of the power the secret and the freedom of telling.

little sheep presents my (sick and ugly) story: explosion posted at my (sick and ugly) story. A powerful poem from little sheep about the telling...........

JIP shares the neighbours confession The secret in this case was the neighbor's. Who knows how different JIP's life might have been had the neighbor not carried this secret so long. At least in the telling, JIP was able to get some validation that the craziness of her childhood was real.

Mike McBride presents Do What You Gotta Do For You! posted at Child Abuse Survivor. In this insightful post Mike shares an important aspect of telling and any other part of being a survivor if you ask me.

Advocacy & Awareness

Michele Rosenthal presents PTSD Healing: Join the Crowd posted at PARASITES OF THE MIND , saying, "The healing process can begin with just the most simple act of reaching out -- that can be anonymously and online. Joining the survivor community helps bridge the gap between us and the rest of the world."

Colleen Spiro presents My Grandmother's Ring posted at Surviving by Grace , The keepsake holds a very special meaning when abuse complicates saying goodbye. Stories like this tell the far reaching affects of abuse on the entire family sturcture.

Nancy Gray presents Waiting for Rainbows: On the Sexual Assault of Children posted at Child Person From the South , saying, "Although I could share my no longer silenced secrets for this blog, I now prefer to add my voice by speaking for all those too young or otherwise unable to share theirs."

JIP at Life Spacings posted our journey to acceptaance - what we go through In this post JIP shares what it is like for her system as new memories surface and they struggle to make some sense of it.

Marj aka Thriver presents Survivors Can Thrive!: How Does One Retrieve Repressed Memories of Abuse? posted at Survivors Can Thrive!, saying, "This could go under Survivor Stories, Aftermath or the edition theme about telling secrets. This post is about deciding to no longer be a victim. I think I could have done this a lot sooner--and maybe even avoided my college acquaintance rape--if I'd told the secret to myself earlier instead of so much repression, denial and minimization of my childhood abuse."

K-Perfect presents Silence posted at ~Perfect~ , saying, "This entry is about silence and how keeping silent does not keep you safe. I know that many of us were forced into silence for a long time to keep the secrets of our abusers. I think my quoted author said it best when she said "When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.""

Paul Michael at Parenting Squad presented When You See Something, Say Something.
A personal experience at the park with friends seeing "something."

Ian Peatey presents How hard should you smack your children? posted at Quantum Learning - nonviolent living, saying , It's hard to believe in this day and age there is still a debate about corporal punishment but there is......

Healing & Therapy

K-Perfect presents Mindfulness posted at ~Perfect~ , saying, "This is an older post that Marj aka Thriver asked me to submit for the next carnival!" I can understand why Marj thought this would be a good carnival post, it has some great skills for the survivor.

In The News

hall monitor presents Hundreds Of Kids Beaten, Whipped, Even Choked By Teachers, Coaches posted at , saying, "We have to make sure to keep our schools in check as well."


nipper presents Through The Eyes Of A Child posted at NIPPERCAT'S HOME, Stirring poem viewing victimization through the child..........

Rainbow presents "Shatter the Silence" - Yell and Tell! posted at "HAUNTED HOUSE". A poem that will make you want to Yell and Tell.

Beautiful Dreamer presents When First We Found Our Voices posted at Beautiful Dreamer , saying, "I wrote this poem to describe the wonder of finding one's voice, decades after being sexually abused, and discovering the empowerment of speaking truth for the first time."

MiKael Caillier presents Defective Child posted at My Clouds, My Storms and Multiple Personality Disorder, saying, "The secret of the defective child turned out to be the key to the cult's control over me. This poem explains about the role of that child and how her secret was told even though she didn't ever speak."

Survivor Stories

Beautiful Dreamer presents Freedom's Just Another Word posted at Beautiful Dreamer. Sometimes we tell the secret when we're not ready for anyone to know. When that happens the telling can itself become the secret with a whole new set of problems.

I missed a post from Sense Scribe and I sincerely apologize. There were some problems with some of the notification emails getting to me. I've cross checked the emails I did get with the Insta carnival draft until I'm blue in the face and have come up with all of the links except to this one post. I even tried to google it to see if I could locate the links that way to no avail. Gin if you read this, please send me the links and I'll update.

That concludes this edition of the blog carnvial. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival against child abuse using our carnival submission form here. . Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


Marj aka Thriver said...

Great work! This looks excellent! I'm going to start linking, commenting and I'll get the carnival listed as posted over at Blog Carnival dot com. Yeah! :)

healandforgive said...

Thanks Rising Rainbow!

Wow! Lots of posts this month!

I'm going to start reading :)

Enola said...

Great edition! Wonderful job. I kept meaning to submit something but time got away from me.

Rising Rainbow said...

Marj, Thanks! My eyes are crossed from matching up the links but I think it turned out to be a great selection of posts.

healandforgive, There are a lot of posts this month. Way more than we get when I host on my horse blog.

I read through them all last night while putting this together. I didn't leave comments because of time constraints but was moved by much of what I read.

Enola, I wondered what happened to you. I probably could have "reminded" you but I didn't remember to do those kinds of things either. I actually posted my own contributions very early for me and it's probably a good thing. LOL

jumpinginpuddles said...

awesome job mate

Colleen said...

Wonderful job hosting. Thanks so much!

mile191 said...

Well done. I don't understand the carnival very well yet.. I had a nice post on Women Doing More but didn't submit it. What is the next theme? I do love the effort put in here. Telling the secret was a few chapters of my life. It was awful keeping it for so many years. I still have an awful secret, that hasn't been told...and it is eating me alive. I love this that you put together. It will be healing to follow it up. thank you.

mile191 said...

Thanks for the hard work...

Spirit said...

This is a beautiful thing you're doing here with the carnivals. I'm a writer/blogger/survivor myself and it's nice to see all these stories of strength through the dark times being pulled together and united towards a common goal. Thank you. I'm thinking about submitting for the next one since I've missed this last one b a hair but I'm not certain yet. Thank you again for what you're doing and blessed be.

Anonymous said...

It was certainly interesting for me to read the post. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read more on that blog soon.