Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Devil's in the Details

I get emails from time to time from people wanting to know about Satanism. Sometimes the questions are general in nature and sometimes they are more specific but either way they always make me worry just a bit.

I'd be foolish not to wonder about the motives of the person. Openly talking about this subject has been known to get people killed. Even though one of the reasons I speak out has to do with assuring my safety, I always have to keep my eyes wide open and be sure I'm not exposing myself in an unsafe manner.

Then, too, I can't help but wonder about the actual questions themselves. People can get so caught up in the details they totally can miss the point. The way to help someone deal with this stuff is not by knowing every single detail there is to know.

There is not some magic(or should I say "holy") formula to "fix" what was done to a survivor like me. It was programming designated to totally control a person's mind. Wanting to understand it in logical ways to make "sense" of it is just NOT going to happen nor cure anyone.

This stuff is crazy! It' was supposed to be crazy! That was the point. Wanting to turn craziness into logic will only make you crazy........if you get my drift. Trying to find the rhyme, reason, or answer will not work.

The reason this programming worked is because of the confusion it caused in its victims. That confusion is it's strongest, most powerful tool. It cannot be made sane because there was nothing sane about it. Trying to make it so will only keep one stuck.

Whenever I see people who think they have a roadmap to helping, I really worry about the survivors in their care. There is no roadmap. Each survivor is as different as the programming they experienced and there are no pat answers, no "easier" way to maneuver the de-programming process.

And when it comes to de-programming that is an internal process. It cannot be done from the outside. No matter how much or how many interventions or what ever else, the only way healing can be accomplished is from the inside.

Support people need to be just people. To be helpful they need to believe, to not pass judgement and to care..........and a little praying never hurt. But guiding and suggesting are not good things. They may look like they are working but in the long run they are playing right into the hands of those old programs.

The devil IS in the details..............and that's for sure! It is the very nature of this "disease" called Satanism. Anyone who thinks if they just "know enough" they will be able to be helpful to those in need, is playing right into the devil's well played hand.


Kahless said...

This stuff just makes me nervous.

jumpinginpuddles said...

yeh mon wanted details also need we say more

jumpinginpuddles said...

just read our blog