Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Generational Satanism

People have asked me how it was that this thing happened to me. It seems so difficult to get one's mind around the likelihood that such things really happen let alone accept that it can happen to someone you know. I guess it's only natural to wonder. But the fact is that for me it was a pre-determined thing.

Most people have heard the quote from the Old Testament about the "sins of the father." Although I don't get into religion often here, this quote has bearing on what I was taught. It is my understanding that the dedication of my fore bearers to Satan gave the cult access to me.

Those sins were passed down from generation to generation with each faced with the consequences of that old behavior. Those sons and daughters were subjected to all sorts of vile assaults because they were "promised" by those before them.

I have clear memories of my mother, a brother and my grandfather involved in this ugliness. In the midst of those memories are references to those before them. Enough references for me to believe that this could be traced back to roots in Europe. Others around me seemed to have the same kinds of roots.

There seemed to be a caste system almost built into the workings of the organization. It reflected where those different participants came from as well as their rankings in the group. Those too followed through with the generations.

I also recall that once a family had ties, even if those ties had been broken, they could be re-established by their descendants walking on forbidden ground. To experiment or dabble with the supernatural in any form immediately leaves one open to assault if one's ancestors have given themselves over within their lifetime.

That generational connection keeps the eligible recruits lined up wondering what they did to encounter such trouble. Not knowing that old family members were participants is not grounds for exemption. If there was a commitment anywhere within the preceding four generations (I believe this number is correct.) any and all of the family is susceptible to assault.

Those are the rules..................as I remember them.


Lady Of Chaos said...

That's just a little bit scarey... I mean what if you have no idea what you're 4 previous generations of ancestors have done? What if you aren't really aware of 'where you happen to be walking'?

That just gives me the shivers, but it does explain a few things... Some things... well... Makes some sense now.

jumpinginpuddles said...

doen this eight times deleted eight times can only say yeah because right now we arent feeling ok to say more, like you often tell us RR as the prgraming gets deleted so we to can offer more.
heres to freedom for those seeking truth

Rising Rainbow said...

lady of chaos, yes, it is scary. I doubt there is really any way to know if you are "susceptible" to this or not. But not knowing doesn't get one an exception clause. If the rule applies and the children dabble with anything, they are far game.

It gives me the shivers too.

JIP, I'm with you on that one. I too want freedom for those seeking truth.

Battle Weary said...

This explains some things for me. I was never really clear on why the mother was involved and her siblings and parents were not. She dabbled and it is entirely possible that her grandparents generation was involved...thus her dabbling pulling her in. I'm not certain about her grandparents, but an Aunt has said that "grandma had some strange ideas...kind of like your mother's". Not clear on the meaning, but pretty sure what was meant there.

Kahless said...

Trying to form the question in my mind. Its around male and females.

Does the cult distinguish? Do males and females have different positions?

Do the 'prejudice' against either sex in any way?

Hope you understand my question.

Rising Rainbow said...

Battle Weary, think I'll write a post on dabbling. I know lots about that.

Kahless, nope, the devil doesn't descriminate. One soul counts just as much as the next. It really doesn't matter whether a person is male or female, white, black, red, yellow or whatever color, and of course, disabilities don't matter either.

Kahless said...

How about in terms of position?

Is the 'leader' always male?

Rising Rainbow said...

Kahless, Nope to that question as well. Brains are far more important than gender.