Sunday, November 9, 2008


In my post Generational Satanism a comment mentioned dabbling. Immediately I flinched a bit because I know that only we humans would be so presumptuous as to believe that what we're doing just isn't that bad or much so it could be called "dabbling." Our rationalizations to make us less accountable for our behavior, however, can be our down fall.

You see the devil only sees black and white. Either you are or you aren't. You can bet the evil one sees any human "dabbling" as fair game. It doesn't take a degree of participation to open the door.........only participation.

That poor soul who thinks she/he is safe from an all out pursuit by the devil and his followers because they're only just playing a bit is only fooling herself/himself. If the darkness doesn't swallow her/him up it's only because there were better things to do at the time......or it served their purposes somehow. It's not because that person had control........that was given up the moment the "dabbling" began.

You just can't fool God or the devil. Each knows when we stumble. When that stumble is across that forbidden line the transgression allows the darkness to reek havoc, you better bet you can be a target.

I remember the nuns warnings about Ouija boards, fortune tellers and tarot cards to name a few. I also remember that deep recognition somewhere within my system..... that understanding of the price one can pay for experimenting.

Channeling other entities or even honoring those doing the channeling all count. I know people who think all of those things are innocent.'s not a price I want to pay. I've seen too much...........I know too much. I've had that battle for my soul and I don't want to have it again.

I hope and pray that my children and their children will take me seriously. For they will pay the price if they don't. The devil would love nothing more than to reclaim any portion of my family...........a way to haunt me.........a way to laugh at God. There is no such thing as dabbling when your immortal soul is the price to be paid.


Lily Strange said...

I must respectfully disagree about certain of these things. I don't believe that the Universe is quite as black and white that there is only one positive deity and one force of evil. That there is a force of good and a force of evil is true, in my view, but there are gray areas. I did dabble in the dark arts in my youth and got the hell scared out of me, which is a good thing, because there are demonic forces that would have been more than glad to f**k me over even worse than I already was. However, I haven't experienced much of good from Christianity or at least the folks that practice it. I've been confronted with a lot of judgment and narrow viewpoints that I can do without. Which is to say nothing against Jesus Christ, who I have nothing but admiration for.
I did not have very many positive experiences messing about with the Ouija board, so I stopped doing it. However, for me, reading Tarot cards has been pretty well nothing but positive. I just think it's a little too black and white to say "all this is good and all this is bad." There are some things that are gray areas and can be used either way.

Rising Rainbow said...

lily strange, I sure wouldn't disagree with you that some who practice Christianity aren't really very good people. I totally agree.

As for my remarks about what makes someone whose family has participated in generational satanism far game for assualt, it is what it is. It may be "safe" for others without that connection to dabble but as far as the rules determining who the devil can assualt in that full blown manner and who not, I'm afraid that I've stated only what I was taught by those very satanists. That is what determines who in their book.

It may not be "fair" or gray but I can assure you that is what they look for. They are not concerned with what is fair or any gray areas, the only thing they're after is the opportunity to trap someone.

If a person is not of a generational background and is dabbling, they might be tempted to the dark side. But let me assure you someone with generational ties (within that 4 generation period I mentioned in the first post) engaging in the same activity is fair game to be abduct and tortured to get them to submit to the dark side. Consider yourself lucky that you haven't had those ties.

Romantic Guru said...

I will have to agree with lily strange on this one about Ouija Boards

There are ways of practicing this safe and having no problems. Well in the viewpoint of Christians I can see that a huge problem can exist. Anyway this was a good informative article with some good debates. Keep it up. Ciao

Battle Weary said...

When I said "dabbling" was specifically her word, that she used once to defend herself when questioned. Definitely a rationalization. Your post (and reply to Lily) was kind of my point, stated much more thoroughly then I could. She "dabbled" and was immediately and completely sucked in...implies previous generational ties to me.

Rising Rainbow said...

Romantic Guru, I'm afraid you are missing the point. It may be that you believe that ouija boards are harmless but they are not harmless to anyone linked to generational satanism. The use of them by anyone linked in such a way is license for certain parties to unleash their all out assault on those particular participants.

There is no such "safe" way to play them for family members from generational satanism, I can assure you. You may not want to believe this is true, but I know from first hand knowledge that it is.

battle weary, I did understand that it was her word. It was clear to me that you didn't support her perspective.

I know this is an emotional subject for some people. I also know that participating in such practices, games, whatever you want to label them is indeed a portal for evil for some unsuspecting souls who have direct family ties to generational satanism.

The devil does not respect gray. There's nothing more he loves than to be able to declare open season on some unsuspecting soul because they believed what they were doing was nothing more than innocent fun.

I would hope my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would heed this warning. Because I know if they don't, what could like ahead for them.

This is not some trick impressed upon me by a few odd wackos, it is the order of law for the darkness. It amazes me sometimes how we humans can think we know so much about the supernatural when we have had limited if any contact. I certainly wish that my contact was far more limited that is really is. I would so love to be able to go stumbling along obliviously, but unfortunately, those were not the cards that I was dealt.

Kahless said...

I have never gone within a mile of a ouiji board. I have even walked out of someones house as they were getting one out. For some strange reason I have always had a very strong feeling that it is not something to go anywhere near. That it is dangerous.
Dont know where that one has come from. Maybe my catholic education.

Saying that as an adult at uni I have had my tarot cards read. I even once saw a medium.

I will count myself lucky and I never intend to go near again.

I heed the warning.

After all this time I guess I am safe? Or am I now forever at risk?

Anonymous said...

This was a great article by Rising Rainbow, as all the things she writes to protect us.

Unfortunately for what some choose to hear, I would have to agree that many of the comments are missing the point. Inversion of Christianity is what Satanism/ the Dark Arts are based on. Period. It is the rules they play by. All occult practitioners are playing by the rules of the Bible whether they choose to accept it or not. It is the rules that govern the supernatural. People want to act like the Bible is bull and the teaching of Christianity are ridiculous except every occult group is practicing the inversion of it. Even the rules that govern tarot cards etc.. are inversions of Christian/ Biblical truth. Unfortunately, your average occult novice doesn't have a clue that it is Biblical truth being lived every day in their lives because they are not educated to the teaching of the Bible. If RRs comments are invalid and there is not clear good and evil, black and white, why is it that the laws that govern every occult group then are based on inversions of Biblical truth? They believe their powers work, why? Because it is truth. You are opening yourselves up to dark powers anytime you dabble. That is a Biblical truth.

As much as we may not want to accept it or hear it, Wicca, goddess worship, tarot etc. is used as a cover for Satanism. The leaders of the harmless nature worshipers/ goddess worshipers are the leaders of the cult as well. I know this to be true. Most occult groups practice a degree system of initiation. You learn more and more as you go but things are kept secret from the lower degrees. Satanism does the same thing, depending upon the level of programming and worthiness. So, go ahead, and deny and believe the cock and bull story we are fed today, "nature worship" or harmless fun with cards and ouija boards. And while the people sleep, it won't change one iota the truth of what RR has shared here.

Raine said...

All I can say it that when I was "dbbling" my life was not going well. When I quit - it got better

Lynntaketwo said...

I have no idea what to say to this post, except I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to religion. All religion. No offense.


And I can't think of any way that it could harm you to reject things that just don't gel with who you are, RR. I know you will keep yourself safe.

Lily Strange said...

The sad thing is that the intolerance of people like Anonymous are what drive people apart from each other. I can assure people until I'm blue in the face that I am certainly not part of some "satanic cult" and none of you lot will believe a word of it. I have never sacrificed an animal to any power and would not deal with powers that require such. I do read Tarot cards and I happen to believe that there are more of deities than just the Christian god and anti-god. I think I try to do good in this world. I am neither a christian nor a satanist. In fact Satan is a Christian anti-deity, and I don't have any use for him. I don't mind calling myself a Pagan. I am not an evil person. I do not rape children or sacrifice babies and deplore such actions. I don't think that you're a prejudiced individual and what you say is true for you. It's sad that it brings out the hate and narrow-mindedness in some people.
I don't think I'll be back because I imagine my presence is uncomfortable for you. I'm sorry. I hope one day people will learn that actions are what tell the truth, not what religious path one follows.

Anonymous said...

Lily Strange,
You need to not run away but stay and read these posts. It is not my intention to sound intolerant and I wish you could see that it is your comments that portray a closed mind.

I am sorry if what I said hurt or struck a cord.

I do not doubt that you fully believe what you are saying, that you are not a Satanist.

What I wish you could open yourself up to hearing is that the teachings that you are believing find their origin in the cult that RR was raised in. There are many who have come forward who are pagans that have discovered that they were being influenced by Satanists. I understand that not every pagan is a Satanist. Instead of running away and being hurt, it would be better to have a dialogue. It would be easy to believe that there is no conspiracy here luring sincere people into darkness. I wish I could believe that but I know differently.
I only meant to back up what RR said in her post, which I thought was very well done. Just please be open minded, I am not closed to what you are saying either.