Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An Update

Lindsay was released from the hospital today. She tires easily but it's ok for her to do whatever she feels up to doing except, of course, driving vehicles or riding horses while on her medication. I don't think she's up to any of that right now anyway. She wants to do more than she can so I'll be keeping a close eye on her so she doesn't fall or something because she's done too much.

They have her on anti seizure meds for another week and pain meds as needed. She also has to follow up with a neurologist.

Thanks again to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. They are greatly appreicated.


Kahless said...

Phew. Lets hope it doesnt happen again.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I got behind in reading posts....sorry to hear about the trauma going on in your life right now. Glad to hear the she is doing better.

jumpinginpuddles said...

phew thankgoodness shes hoem and may her recovery be speedy

keepers said...

Still keeping Lindsay and you in our prayers! Glad she is home and hope the followups are good.

peace and blessings


Lily Strange said...

I hope for the best for her. There are many different anti seizure medications so hopefully she can find one that doesn't make her too tired. My buddy Scot who had a brain tumor removed when he was 10 (he's the guy that survived the double aneurysm) had seizures after that. He didn't have any for a long time but when he got his dentures he was on antibiotics and he had a seizure. I have read that certain antibiotics can trigger seizures in certain people so one does have to be careful. It's not really common knowledge.
I do hope she continues to steadily get stronger.
My father is also in the hospital, but in his case not much hope for improvement. I do have hope for your daughter, though! :-)

Enola said...

I'm so glad she is home. Wishing her a speedy recovery - and extra strength for your family.

Raine said...

I am happy to hear shes home and Im sorry that she and you had to go thru this