Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day's Gone - Update Time

Mother's Day here is almost gone and I'm still thinking about what I should post. Guess that means that there was nothing all that important about this holiday for me. I have to say it was interesting to find myself not mourning the loss of a mother I never had. Instead I did something for myself.

My husband had to work a twelve hour shift as usual. So that pretty much left me to my own devices. I went to the boarding barn and worked my horses there. There are six horses there in varying stages of training. I rode five of them and did ground work with the sixth who probably won't be ready to start under saddle for at least another month.

My oldest daughter and granddaughter met me at the barn. Since a couple of the horses I am riding are just newly started, I like to have someone there in case something goes wrong. Actually with my daugher present, I put two of the horses on a lunge line with me on the back that way if something went wrong she had some control to help get it stopped.

While riding young horses is stressful, it felt really good to be doing it with competent help and because that's how I chose to spend my Mother's Day. I hope that all of you had a productive day as well. I know I sure thought about all my blogging friends and what might be Mother's Day issues.

Also, since I'm getting emails asking about the status of my tests, it's probably time for an update. That's kinda hard because I don't know anything yet. I don't expect to know anything until after my mammogram is done.

That is scheduled for May 21. That was the soonest they could get for both the mammogram and the ultra sound my doctor ordered. In the meantime, the soreness has all gone from the breast. I'm betting that it was just a cyst and that everything will be fine. Thank you everyone for your concern.


Kahless said...

[It was mothers day in the US and Oz but not here in the UK.]

Hope your tests show no problems. I'll be thinking of you.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I think Mother's Day is over-rated. If you got to enjoy the day doing something that makes you happy, I think it's a good day.

jumpinginpuddles said...

you know we learnt so much about you and horses the otehr day we were amazed at how we had thought in our head stuff about horses, thanks for teaching us about so many things we didnt know.

Battle Weary said...

We'll be thinking of you next Wednesday.

keepers said...

keeping you in our thoughts and prayers that the tests show no problems. hugs to you


Anonymous said...

glad you did something for you
we have mothers day in march
will be thinking off you on the 21st x
oh and it is me returning, new name new place, katy x

April_optimist said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day! (It's interesting--I don't think I've seen many MD posts on blogs this year...)

Meanwhile, here's hoping your tests come out okay and it was just a cyst.

Lily Strange said...

Good luck with it all!