Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Revisiting Valentine's Day - A New Cause - An Update

Part 1

I just wanted to leave a quick update for those of you who might be wondering what the status is on my grandson's quest to keep his daughter from being adopted. I haven't been posting because I didn't want to give away any important issues about this case so much has been hanging in the air. I wasn't sure what was safe to repeat and what was not.

But some things are now public and so I can at least give you the status on those. Last Thursday or Friday (I can't remember which) the adoptive family and the birth mother were served with papers for a hearing in my grandson's behalf on the 20th of this month.

The adoptive family was supposed to keep the baby until that time but did not. They took the baby back to her birth mother's yesterday. Currently that is where the baby is with a mother who clearly has stated she does not want the child.

While this whole thing feels like a nightmare, at least my first great-granddaughter (who will be four) has finally gotten to see her new baby sister. The poor kid thought the baby didn't come home because she hated her older sister. I hope this does not cause that child anymore grief than she already has.

In the meantime your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated. The whole family is struggling with the challenges of this latest obstacle in our lives.

Another Update


Maia said...

Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

Kahless said...

Thinking and praying for you and your family.

Fallen Angels said...

I think I can understand the adoptive couple not keeping her. Of course I am projecting and don't know for sure, but people, especially people who really, really want a child (like *most* adoptive parents)get attached to the child very quickly and very strongly. It would be heart-renching to then give up the child a little while down the road. However, I think a better course of action would have been to find some way to get her to your grandson and not to the birth-mother.

When this is all over with, and I pray that ends with your grandson having custody (and possibly custody of the other child as well),this baby will need extra and immediate reasurances/nurturing from everyone in her life. They say that infants don't remember...and it is most likely true that consciously they don't, but they DO in other ways. I don't want to sound like a doomsday, negative person, but my mother gave me up to my great aunt when I was 7 days old. She then proceded to take me back "for visitation" periodically on weekends, then return me to my aunt's home. This "back and forth" during the attachment period may have been the start of my dissociation. However, this DID go on for 3 years in my case. If this is resolved maybe it won't even be a concern, but its always *my* first concern when I hear about situations like this. Don't get me wrong here though...I absolutely think your grandson is doing the right thing...he wants her and he is her father.

EquineSpirit said...

Oh my...I'm gonna have to go back and read more. How terrible of a situation for your family to be going through. ((HUGS!!)) and good thoughts to you all!!

Katee said...

Are the adopting parents that clueless about what is going on that they don't understand they gave the baby to a mother who doesn't want her? Good grief. What a mess. Young people in volatile relationships seem to always end up with a mess on their hands and I just get so mad when those messes involve children. My thoughts are with both your great granddaughters.

wolf said...

thanks I have been wondering what was happening with that... Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers

Patches said...

We hope it goes well for your grandson. It is horrible that his wishes were not taken into account.