Thursday, March 20, 2008

Revisiting Valentine's Day - A New Cause - Another Update

Part 1

I haven't been posting about how things were progressing with my great granddaughter because I didn't want to be responsible for disclosing anything the lawyer might want quiet and messing up any strategies and such. I decided the best thing for me to do was to wait until the hearing was over and go from there.

Well, the hearing was today and it didn't go well. The judge couldn't be bothered by the fact that the mother did not want the baby except to keep her away from my grandson. She awarded custody to the mother but did order supervised visitations for my grandson. The visitations are to be three times a week for two hours a visit at the home of his other grandparents.

It is very frustrating to see this happen because the mother lied and said that my grandson had been abusive and she had filed reports with Child Protective Services. No reports have ever been filed.

While I'm not going to say that my grandson is the healthiest young man in the world, I do believe that he wouldn't do anything to hurt this child or his other daughter. Not only that but he has been the primary caregiver for both of her children while she worked right up until this baby was born. It all just doesn't make sense to me.

Obviously things have gotten ugly. My grandson had not wanted to have anything bad said about the mother even if it was true. But once the first papers arrived and were loaded with lies, he decided he needed to protect himself to be able to protect his kids. It's really a mess. I doubt that anyone is going to win here, least of all the kids.

The only good thing I can say is the court appointed a guardian ad litem for the baby. While I know enough about the family court system already to know things rarely turn our fair, I hope that this child will be lucky and get a good guardian. That is going to be her only hope from what I can tell.

As far as my relationship with this baby, I imagine it will be about the same as that with her sister. In four years, I think I've seen the older child all of three maybe four times. Every time the child was scheduled for a visit, her mother found some reason to cancel. As I said before, no one will win here. This has been hard.


Kahless said...

I am sorry that you and your grandson and family are going through this.

Thinking fo you.

lovelee said...

The number one thing that lights me right up is child and animal abuse. I don't know if there has been any outright abuse, but if things continue on the path they are on, these poor children will be (or have been) harmed. I do so hope the the guardian ad litem is beneficial. My thoughts are out to you and yours MiKael.


katy said...

maddening for you all so maddening, hope you get to see the children x

Enola said...

I am so sorry. I pray the best through these proceedings - and for a good guardian ad litem.

Angel said...

I've been wondering how that was going. I'm sorry. (((Mikael)))

Lily Strange said...

This is all just sad and wrong. I wish I had something more useful to offer. :-(

Hummingbird said...

I feel your sadness, RR. Your grand-babies are not part of your life as they should be. You are their forebear. They come from you. You must miss them all the time. Terribly. What your son's ex has done is inexplicable. I'm really sorry your family is going through this. It sounds so painful.... All I can offer you is the knowledge that there are people (all of the above caring folk) who hold you in their hearts, with respect and love, as I do, and who are sending you strength through the ethers, through the collective mind, the collective heart of that which connects us as human beings on our journey of becoming, and wishing the best outcome for all. It might feel that way sometimes, but you are not alone! I really wish and hope that your son will get a break in this situation. For all of your sakes, and especially for his children. They need their father. And their Grandmama. :) Bird. xoxo

Kahless said...

I agree with Bird

Rising Rainbow said...

Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts. It is a tough time and it's not going to resolve anytime soon. It's nice to have such wonderful support from all of you.