Saturday, August 4, 2007

Multipe Personality Disorder and Family Crisis

I've been posting on my Arabian horse blog about my youngest daughter, Lindsay's, bout with brain cancer. It has been years since it happened but I wasn't prepared for how difficult it would be to recount her story. I didn't really have the energy to do those posts and post here as well.

I guess the main reason I mention it here is that as difficult as it was to deal with Lindsay's cancer, it didn't cause any type of disruption to my system. The medical professionals kept trying to nudge me into therapy but I refused to go. Finally they ambushed me with a meeting with the hosptial social worker thinking that would get me to cooperate. Instead the social worker agreed with me that I didn't need any therapy and they should get off my case.

I even told the social worker that I had multiple personality disorder and that I had done extensive therapy. She asked me lots of quesitons about the stressors of dealing with a child with cancer and a brain injury and what I was doing to deal with them. By the time she got done with her list, she was convinced that I was doing just fine. She actually told the doctors that I was one of the most well adjusted people she had ever met.

Some might think that she was ignorant about multiples and so couldn't really make an informed decision. But I was not hiding any secrets from her. I really was handling the situation with Lindsay's cancer in a productive manner.

The best proof of that would be Lindsay's recovery. Lindsay has achieved a much higher level of functioning than anyone ever expected. Well, that's anyone professional, I always thought we would make them all look silly.

From the beginning I have encouraged her to be more than they thought she could be and she has never let me down. To this day, I still work with her in recovering lost skills and she continues to improve.

Dealing with Lindsay's cancer is one of the reasons that the writing of my book on my therapy process was postponed. There was just no way I could work through all of that emotional stuff while trying to take care of Lindsay.

Since my mother died this year, it stirred things up a bit. Actually not as bad as I expected but I do find myself thinking about those days. Now, I'm thinking that it is probably time to put this thing to bed for once and for all.


keepers said...

we have just found your blog and really like your approach and common sense writing. Would it be okay with you if we put up a link to your site on our blog? We too are multiples and are trying to offer hope and assistance to others who are on this recovery journey.

peace and blessings


Rising Rainbow said...

Sure that would be fine with me.