Wednesday, August 1, 2007

So What IS My Point?

Kathy C comment on yesterday's post, More on Normal in My Childhood "The most amazing thing is how you have come through it all and not only survived, but flourished." And that is really the point of this blog, I really want people who are suffering with multiple personality disorder or those who love or live with someone who is, to know that there is hope.

Multiple personality disorder is not a curse. It is a coping mechanism. Without this coping mechanism these victims would probably be dead from whatever trauma it was that caused this syndrome in the first place. I, personally, am grateful for it. I know it saved my life.

But all of the books and media attention on multiples describes them like Sybil or Eve or the killer copping out to MPD as an excuse not to be held accountable for murder, and the list goes on. Truddi Chase's story in When Rabbit Howls is about her struggle but you hear little if anything about how she is doing after that struggle. Or is there even an "after" to it. Is she still struggling today.

I am here to tell you there are lots of folks with MPD out there who are doing just fine. They are high functioning members of society and people around them have no clue there is anything different about them. It is possible to be normal, healthy and productive and still be a multiple.

That doesn't mean a person with MPD shouldn't integrate. It means that the decision should be based on what is best for that person. But it does mean the MPD is not something to be feared like the plague. If someone you care about has been diagnosed with it, it doesn't mean they cannot lead a normal life.

True, many multiples have a difficult time with therapy. It is a painful thing probably more painful than anyone can ever imagine. I wouldn't even beging to suggest my therapy was easy, It was horrific. BUT it was worth every minute of it for the quality of life I have attained through it.

But during therapy I felt like I was on a sinking ship and there was no hope I would ever be saved. There was no one there to throw me a lifeline, to say there would be an end to the pain or a valid reason to go through it. I made it on blind faith and I will be forever grateful that I did.

I would like this blog to be a lifeline. A beacon of hope for anyone dealling with the storm that can be multiple personality disorder. True, there will be things here that are hard to read but I share them so people can see how much a human being can endure and still find a way to shine.


Nicole Brackett said...

Wow, MiKael, this is extremely powerful, interesting stuff. You're a very brave woman to "take it to the Blogosphere," and I have no doubt others will benefit from your openness. Good for you!

austin said...

Life after multiplicity? Is there such a thing? I read When Rabbit Howells. I think that book resembles my life very closely but not once did I find myself wondering, "How is she doing today." I don't think of there being a future w/ DID other than surviving and finding moments where I move from surviving to thriving. Life after multiplicity? I don't know about it. I'm trying to do life w/ it and I find it sometimes impossible.

Austin of Sundrip

MultiMe said...

I don't know about life after multiplicity, but I'm actually quite enjoying life with it. Yes, I have bad days - so do singletons. Only I have a handful of people in my head that help me get through them. And we have great days too. I wouldn't give up my multiplicity if I could.

MultiMe said...

I had to copy and paste most of this into my blog, too. With the comment, "What she said - that's it. This blog is my lifeline, my reminder that We can function as an I. I have a coping mechanism that most people can't begin to understand. And it works for me. And this blog is a window into that coping mechanism for those that want to understand."