Sunday, August 5, 2007

False Memory Syndrome

Over the years since my therapy there has been much attention in the media about false memory syndrome. Because I was dealing with Lindsay's cancer, I didn't really have time to pay much attention. I just logged the information away for future reference.

It's always been frustrating to me that it's easier for people to believe that it must be some kind of hoax perpetuated by therapists than to believe that human beings are capable of such atrocities to one another.

I've known from the beginning of my journey that those screaming the loudest about victims being liars were the victimizers themselves. So it didn't surprise me to find that at the center of the false memory syndrome hubbub were people who had been accused of some horrific acts.

From my own personal experience, I know that my memories were NOT planted subconsiously by my therapists. That would have been pretty difficult to do, since the way I told my stories was through my artwork.

I didn't paint in therapy. I did it at home in the middle of the night. Then I would take the work to my therapy session and the personality connected with the drawing would come out and share the story the picture told.

There was no way the therapist had a chance to interpret my pictures. They were graphic and explicit. They left no room for imagination. I guess in my ramblings here I have neglected to mention that I am a victim of ritualistic abuse.


jumpinginpuddles said...

we agree our memories or falshbacks coem not when we have spoken to our T but from smells and normalo everyday things and since when can our T get into our dreams.
What we are remembering is usually always outside of T and seeing our T and us live two hours away from each otehr id sure like to know how she plants stuff that far away :O

jumpinginpuddles said...

oh and thanks for your visit to our blog today and nice meeting you