Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Cycle of Abuse Part 2

Because that offender's entire family protects his secret, that means my granddaughter is at risk. I know that he is like most every other offender who has had his/her victim recant their story, guilty. This isn't just a guess for me, I know that he is guilty. While I couldn't go to court with my information I know.

You see, he was in court ordered therapy for sex offenders at the same place that I went for my therapy. Throughout my therapy I was really curious about the process of treating offenders and I asked many, many questions about it.

I learned that right in the beginning of the treatment, each offender is ordered to take a polygraph and a plasizmograph. The later is a test where a device is attached to the male subject's penis to record the rate of arousal. Testing is done both with visual and audio stimulation to measure the sexual deviancy of the offender.

The importance of this test is that the offenders can not lie. Their body gives them away. Since offenders are known to lie about the range of their deviancy, this test tells the therapists what they are really dealing with.

My question to my therapist (she treated the offenders there) was had they ever had a person accused of being an offender and ordered into treatment who had turned out not to be an offender. The answer way never!! Ever single offended was required to take these tests and every single offender's test results indicated positively their range of sexual deviancy (measured by arousal) was way past the crimes they were accused of.

How does this relate to the person who has access to my granddaughter? He was in his court ordered therapy with my therapist (which he told my daughter!) before I asked my questions. So he was part of the sample she referred to. That means he was guilty even though the victim recanted her story and the court withdrew the order for his treatment.

You would think armed with this kind of information, it would be easy to protect a child. But you can't protect a child if their immediate family does not want to see the elephant living in their midst. To this day, I have been unable to keep my granddaughter from being left alone with this man. So like I said before, just getting therapy is NOT enough to stop the cycle of abuse.


keepers said...

families protecting perpetrators just promotes more abuse. in our family it runs rampant and when we did step forward to the authorities we lost 99% of our family but we don't care, it is better to have stood up than be a part of the coverup, at least in our opinion.

it is so good to see others who feel the same way!

peace and blessings


keepers said...

Trying to protect a child is so damned difficult. Without proof, one cannot even get authorities mildly interested. it is so frustrating and demoralizing.

peace and blessings


Gretchen said...

There can't be a worse feeling, knowing the truth and not being able to tell it. :(

I'm sure you'll do your best to protect your little one.