Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday...............a hard day

It's been a hard day. Four policemen were shot here this morning. While they were not shot near my home, they were shot in an area very familiar to me. So familiar in fact when I saw the location on the news, I knew exactly where this terrible thing had happened.

It has been a little over a month since a police officer was gunned down in Seattle. Now to have this happen makes the world seem very unsafe. I think most people in this state are reeling. I know I'd like to pull the covers over my head and check out for a month or two.

As the day progress more and more information about this shooting is hitting the airways. I guess it must be some kind of need to feel like I have some control that draws me to listen, hoping that they'll catch this person soon. Instead it seems things just keep getting more and more intense.

Then I came to the computer to work on my horse blog. A little escape from the craziness closing in on me only to find very sad news in my email.

A friend of mine lost his battle with cancer last night. I knew this day was inevitable but with the world going crazy loosing one of the good guys has hit me even harder. May he rest in peace.


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im sorry for the sad day you have had