Monday, August 31, 2009


Recently I had a woman looking at a horse I have for sale. It sounded like she was really enamored of this gelding and I thought for sure I would make the sale. Then all of a sudden the woman quit responding to my emails and she didn't show up for her appointment to see the horse.

Tonight I learned she bought another horse. Not a big deal, that kind of stuff happens all the time. What was different about this was I heard that some trainer in Oregon told her something "bad" about me and that's why she quit conversing with me and went elsewhere to buy a horse.

Obviously this is frustrating............maybe more on the verge of maddening. I have worked hard to breed great horses but even harder to be a good person. To have my business undermined by rumor and innuendo is...........I don't know what it is.............but it makes my what to curl up in a ball and just quit. What's the point?


Lily Strange said...

That kind of thing always takes the wind out of my sails too. But it's just the other person being stupid. Once when I was working as a delivery driver for a courier company, someone called to report that I had "alcohol on my breath, like peppermint schnapps."
The Scope mouthwash I had used, maybe?
There are idiots everywhere. But it would be nice to know who was saying what so it could be put in perspective.

Rising Rainbow said...

Lily, my problem with this is it is not just one person. I'm beginning to find out it is a lot of people which really has me stymied. I live by the golden rule. I do what I can to be kind and helpful. I give back to my community. I am not saying I'm some kind of saint but as a person who knows what it's like to be hurt, I've gone the extra mile to not hurt others and instead of having friends, I am a target. I just don't get it.

Astaryth said...

This is part of the reason I got our of the Arabian breed (as in showing... I still own them!). That whole scene was sooo political. It's not you.. It's THEM!

Paul from Mind Parts said...

There is nothing that burns me more than what you went through. And, to my knowledge, I have not been a victim of this kind of behind-the-back attacking. You are true to yourself and you know who you are. Don't let others have power over you.

Kahless said...

I am really sorry, I am not sure what to say.

You need to call on your horse friends and get them to put positive testimonals out there. By word of mouth and on your horse website? To maybe counteract the bad mouthers?

Dont let the b@st@rds get you down.


jumpinginpuddles said...

youve alwasy told us the strnegth lies in ourselves, for some reason someone else is taking away your strength, im not sure who or why but i know you will find out.