Sunday, May 3, 2009

Checking In............

This is a hectic time of year for me under normal circumstances but with my dream on the line things around here are really stepped up a notch. With Dave still out of work and the horse market in a huge slump along with the rest of our sagging economy, it is definitely a do or die situation here.

With horses that are actually trained enough to show that need the push is on to get that done so people can see these horses really are as amazing as I have always claimed. Trying to do that and balance my sad budget is stressful enough without throwing in things like foaling and breeding season all rolled into one.

So for those of you that are wondering if I am OK, the picture above should explain where my attentions have been as a pretty intense foal watch has finally wrapped up. If you like a peak at the new bundle of joy the live webcam is on 24/7. Sometimes during the day, the mare and foal may be outside to stretch their legs but most of the time they are there in the stall.

Tomorrow my truck goes into the shop. My husband had a small accident here on the farm. He is fine but my truck is an ugly mess. It'll be getting bodywork for an entire week.

Tuesday I leave for a Morgan horse show to the northern part of my state. I've been hired as the show manager and while it's a very stressful job, I couldn't turn it down. The pay will feed my herd from most of a month. But I'll be offline for at least a week.

The following week I will be gone to a horse show in Salem, Oregon. It will be an exciting time because it's a milestone for us. We will finally be showing one of my Legs' babies in an under saddle class. Others have shown but not under our farm banner. Cross your fingers it helps get this horse sold.

I know I haven't been visiting blogs, no blogs, horse blogs, nothing since the foal watch started. But my blogging buddies are forever in my thoughts and my prayers each and every day. That will not change even if I can't get to a computer. I'll be back and catching up as soon as life settles down a bit. In the meantime, just know it may be nuts but I'm having the ride of my life..........something I so wish for each and every one of you.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

The foal is so cute!

Good luck with your new will be great at it!

Missing In Sight said...


It's good to get an update from you. Congrats on your foal. The picture is precious.

Hope your trip to Oregon goes well.

Best wishes.

Missing In Sight

Kahless said...

Just been watching Lindsay muck out on LiveCam lol!

Rainbow said...

off topic...I am also DID and am relieved to find your blog! I hope you won't mind my following you. Funny...I am are also a rainbow...does that mean something? I dunno...but happy to find you. safe hugs,

Marj aka Thriver said...

Shhot! I couldn't get the plug-in to install for the webcam. That's a cool photo, though. Thinking of you while you are away.

jumpinginpuddles said...

wow new life is amazing isnt it

Marissa said...

Would like to check out my blog and give your comments.

Marj aka Thriver said...

Just stopping back to see how you are...tell you I'm thinking of you.

flashbacks and the like said...

waiting for a blog here LOL