Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Prince's Lady ************ Beware of Triggers

The Prince of Darkness lives
In the strangest places.
Tucked away in heart
And behind the nicest faces!

He can grow to such proportions
As you'd never believe to see
I know that it can happen
Because it happened to me!

There was this rich, elegant lady
She looked quite prim and proper
But when she was behind closed doors
Nothing could quite stop her!

She liked little kids and animals
Involved in twisted, perverted sex.
Watching, performing, or orchestrating
Anything, she was willing to test.

Sometimes she gave parties
And offered us, children, as dessert.
Five and six year old prostitutes
In service to the worst of the worst!

Then there were black robed rituals
To pay tribute to the "One" below.
Candles, chants, heavy air and BLOOD,
And no way to know how it would go.....

Shadows grew to a frightening height
And the evil permeated the room.
Innocents shied at the sight of her face.
Her presence implied pending doom.

As she read the blasphemous book
The altar glowed in the candlelight.
She played with the snake hung round her neck
As she praised the Prince of the Night.

She mixed a heavy potion of wine,
White powder, and sometimes blood, to drink.
She served it in a blackened chalice.
The brew made it hard to even think!

Consciences died in that strange stupor.
The strong preyed on the young and the weak.
Rape, sodomize, kill, what more?
How depraved and demented can they think?

She called for blood, they gladly gave.
The diabolical frenzy grew.......
The One she sought so diligently
Was there, in her eyes, I knew!

Their hearts overpowered with blackness
Ripped innocents to bloody shreds.
They fed on flesh and gloried in blood.
Satan's power rang in their heads.

The death and sex went hand in hand
Until finally all were spent.
The children ravaged, three of them dead.
That's just how one night it went.

The devil saw many such nights
Each more insane than the one before.
I wish I could say I'd seen just one
But I know it was many more.

She devoted herself to evil.
Possessed of its power, she grew.
Betrayal of innocence the key
To the kingdom of darkness, she knew.

She was seeking immortality
To protect her from her fear of death.
Paving the way to hell in blood
Was to give her this request.

No one must escape her demon lust
For her power to be complete.
Corrupt them all, including the small
The terms of her contract to meet.

She must overcome the light of grace.
Extinguish it in all she sees.
Before it can spark a ray of hope
For her victims to see their way free.

So her pact with Satan remained
Her goal just a ways out of her reach.
For she never could quite get them all
The Lord of Darkness' doctrine to preach.

So she kept on trying more evil
To suck people into her sin.
And there were plenty, like her,
Just waiting for her reign to end!

Then they could move into her place
And form their own pact with the devil.
So they could have power, money, sex,
All their dreams, for the sake of evil!

And still it continues to happen
Cause in the daylight they all look the same.
But when darkness comes, their evil grows
And they play Lucifer's deadly game!

written Marcy 24, 1987

This poem is the result of the memories of several of my inner children. They were probably 5 or 6 but really had no knowledge of their age. It is a combined memory because one child couldn't make any sense of the spectrum of human behavior they were exposed to and still sruvive. Each child absorbed as much of the circumstance as her psyche could hold, then another child was formed to take over, and so on and so. Some have feelings about the circumstances, while others are historians and carry just the details. In most cases the feeling child and the historian would be present at the same time to accommodate the bizarre situations. Putting everything together in poems like this, helped to make sense of all those fractured pieces.


Kahless said...


(which is a pebble to say I was here)


jumpinginpuddles said...

just like our cult mother she sounds as horrific we wre sorry

jumpinginpuddles said...

youve won an award go to our blog

Marj aka Thriver said...

After a very long, evolving spiritual journey, I do not believe in the Devil or Satan. I do, however, believe in evil. People who look "normal" can commit the most horrific evil for so many "reasons."

BTW: This is timely. Did you know that April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and also National Poetry Month?