Wednesday, March 4, 2009

22nd Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse Coming Here

I will be hosting the next edition of the Blog Carnival against Child Abuse! on Friday, March 13. The theme of this carnival will be "Telling the Secret" although submissions won't be restricted to just this theme.

I guess my reasoning behind this theme had to do with the Friday the 13th date of the carnival. With the superstitious nature of the date, it reminded me of all of the messages there are around "telling" in the first place. From there it was an easy leap for me to "let's talk about telling the secret."

This can be anything at all that relates to the secret. It can be a post about the actual telling or posts about all the fears about telling. Reactions of others to the telling, you name it, it works for me.

And remember that posts about other issues are welcome as well. Anything that relates to being a victim, survivor or related to one. If it tells something of what it's been like for you, it fits. Art, poems, satire or angry spewing posts, whatever represents part of the process, the aftermath, the healing, awareness, how it's touched your life, the list goes on.

The deadline for submissions is midnight March 11. You are welcome to submit more than one entry if you like. Posts can be submitted here. When you get to the site you much scroll down to reach the actual submission form so don't be fooled by the blankness at the top of the page.


Kahless said...

I have never submitted a post cos I wouldnt know what.

Marj aka Thriver said...

What an excellent announcement post, RR. I'll probably lift a few lines from it to put under the host comments over at BC dot com. You'r going to be a great host! :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Kahless, you could submit your post on self esteem into the aftermath category. Or I could suggest others if you prefer.

Marj, I forgot to post the part about scrolling down the page at BC to reach the part of the submission form.

Marj aka Thriver said...

Well, you may want to edit your post, if you have the time. Also, I put up an announcement post at my blog, too. There, the link to the submission form is working, but not at your blog (even though they're the same url...go figure). Yours has a server error thingy. So you may want to try to reload it. Thanks for being a great host!

Marj aka Thriver said...

now your submission link is working. Good job. Yay!

jumpinginpuddles said...

we sent you ours we hope you got em