Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Old Poetry

Take them from the corner
One at a time
Take them by the hand
And lead them through the blackened maze
Find them a place
To heal their wounds
A place in the light.

The babies will need
Someone to hold them
Rock them
Protect them
But then - - they will all need protection
The babies, most of all.

The screamer will need a safe place to scream
And ice cream to soothe her throat.
The head banger, a softly padded room
And a very special teddy bear.
The crying child, a fairy castle
Complete with magic looking glass.
The angry ones need a workshop
Stocked full of tools of destruction.
Yes! They all need special things
To heal ver "special" wounds..............

written 4-15-90


Ethereal Highway said...

I like the whole thing, but I like the last part best.

Kahless said...

For some reason, as I read your poem, I found myself humming the song
Ralph McTell, Streets of London

I like the last part best too.

miquiecrew said...

beautiful. i love the last stanza the best.