Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back in the Swing

It's been a busy week. While I began working horses last week, although not riding them, we really were only working one trailer load a day. That's three horses. This week we are working three trailer loads for a total of eight horses AND I have started back up at the gym.

I am only riding one horse, however. My bottom won't take more than that and I am only riding briefly. I think I need to "toughen" up my b*tt before I get back in the saddle at my normal pace. The gym hasn't been kind to my back side either but I'm going to tough it out. I can't afford to get behind any farther than I am already.

That all means I have been dragging my sorry *ss (I think that's appropriate under the circumstances) out of bed at 4:30 AM. I'm at the gym at 5 until 6. Then I head home to feed the horses before taking a shower and having breakfast.

By 8:30 I am at Richard's with the first trailer load of horses and the day travels on from there on the horses's schedule. Training horses like therapy is a process. Unlike therapy you can't set a time limit on a session. You do what you have to to get to the point the horse has it figured out. Some times is a short session............and sometimes it's a long one. (Do you think therapists could learn a lesson from horse trainers?)

So today's process for 8 horses was finished at 6:30 PM. I did get an hour for lunch which included a brief but much needed power nap. From the way my body feels tonight you wouldn't think that nap did much good, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have finished the day without collapsing if I hadn't had it. I'm not complaining.........just letting you know what I"m up to and why my brain hasn't managed to conjure up another post.

I've been contacted by a reporter who wants to do a story about me (and other's like me I think). He found me through the blog and then emailed me. I haven't decided what I'm going to do though. I was hoping for input from all of you. What do you think??


jumpinginpuddles said...

is this another bollywood version of multiplicity if so well need i say more.
Its hard to comment with so little information

dinkleberries said...

Dunno, do some research on the reporter. What kind of articles does he do? That may well answer your question.
The daughter just told me your surgery was for hemorrhoids. Ah, well, I cured mine just by taking kelp. Dunno why or how, it had taken 1 to 2 weeks in the past for them to go away, but the last time it was flaring up, I decided to take some kelp and it resolved itself in less than 8 hours. I'm thinking it may shorten your healing time. Worth a try imo.

Wanda's Wings said...

What a schedule! Don't know what to say about the reporter. I'm not the trusting type myself, but that's just me.

Kahless said...

If it was me I would ask:
- what paper
- see a sample of the reporters previous articles (to know what angle they can come from)
- want to know why they are doing it...what is in it for them; a personal interest or sensationalism.
- I would want commitment that you could see the final article and have the option to refuse the input from yourself if you dont like what you read.

You could set some conditions you know so you have some control and if they dont like the conditions...

Basically it comes down to what control you have, what respect you will get, what control does the editor of the paper have over the reporter, etc etc...

Then I would ask myself - if it was me - what I would want to achieve and whether the article would achieve that aim.

I cack you MiKael, to make a good choice. Go with your gut feel.

Rising Rainbow said...

JIP, I probably should have said the article is not geared toward MPD/DID. It is about people shaping their own identities. It could be good, if written properly.

I know more info would be helpful. I did get links to articles written by this person, but wasn't sure I wanted to be posting that on my blog.

dinkleberries, thanks for the tip on kelp. I'll see if I can find some.

wanda, you're right about the schedule. Sometimes I just want to fall into bed and pull the covers over my head.

I don't know what to think either and I have more information than you.

Kahless, yes, it will probably come down to my gut all right. It would be nice if this were something that might get me some notice in regards to a publisher. But I'm just not sure that's the case.

Ethereal Highway said...

Yes, I think therapists could learn from horse trainers. I agree with the idea of checking out the reporter before deciding, but it sounds interesting.

Kylie said...

it may be a good idea to raise awareness of your condition? but indeed make sure the reporters arent out to fleece you or twist things in any way. make sure you scrutinise any contracts and question anything with even the slightest doubt. and maybe ask to put into the contract something like 'is able to see finished piece and have final say on it before it goes to the media' (not in those words obviously, ha)

your blogs inspire me, hats off to you

thanks for reading my blog and leaving me a comment! means alot xx

Battle Weary said...

I think the article might be interesting to be a part of.

Slightly off-topic....I know someone (very well) who would be quite interested in helping out with the horses, if you need help, of course. She loves horses but knows nothing at all about caring for them, and would love to learn from someone who knows...also, she values people who say exactly what they mean. If you find that you could use some help, I can put you in contact with her (although I think she reads your horse blog). Oh...and she lives about 20 minutes from your town. Anyways...just thought I would put that out there. This is someone I care about a great deal and she currently spends her week days alone, with not much to do (new to the area, husband/my brother in Iraq, and children at school).

Rising Rainbow said...

Kylie, thanks for stopping by my blog. I think I have made a decision about this. I will probably post about it later.

Battle Weary, I can always use help with the horses but I'm not in a position I can afford to pay any one. If your friend just wants to hang around and learn, she can give me a call.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Hi RR,

Thanks so much for your visits at my blog. What an incredible story you have. Having come from an abusive background my only advice about the story would be: care for yourself and protect yourself. That might mean going ahead to help others while honoring your own experience. Just don't let someone get you caught up in the moment, taking risks you might not normally take. That off-balance, nothing-to-hold-on-to feeling can be hard to recover from. My prayers will be with you for wisdom and safety.



Kim said...

I'd do it if you're comfortable with what you learn about the reporter and the intention of the story. Though it seems you've already made a decision so I'm looking forward to hearing the verdict!