Friday, December 19, 2008

Things that Hang on My Frig..........

Having a Sense of Power Is All About........

*Believing that we can do what we set out to do

*Feeling that we can handle, one way or another, what is put before us to do

*Knowing that we can get what we need in order to do what we must

*Feeling that we are in charge of our own life

*Feeling comfortable when we have a responsibility to fulfill

*Knowing that others can't make us do anything we really don't want to do

*Feeling we can make decisions and solve most problems we might have

*Knowing that in spite of pressure or stress, we are not going to lose control of ourselves easily

*Being able to use the skills we have in situations which require those skills

The competitive spirit is a fundamental requirement for great accomplishment. The competitive spirit in children should not be thwarted, but rather, refined through actions, and tempered by a social conscience. The need to win is strongest in those who continually fell the imminence of failure. The highest form of the competitive spirit is the motive to challenge oneself.

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Carolynn said...

Great post, Mikael! All excellent points and ones I strive to maintain myself.

I think one other that I'm currently having to remind myself of, is that I am valuable and deserve to be treated respectfully and honourably.

Big Hug to you,