Thursday, December 18, 2008

Adam Walsh's Murder Finally Solved

Who killed Adam Walsh? The abduction and death of this little boy has been one of those things on my mind for years. Wondering what really happened to him and who could possibly have done it.

Ever since my therapy days I've been intrigued by the stories of serial killers and mass murderers. I think I've read all the books. I don't think it was a ghoulish curiosity as much as a need to understand that kind of mind. The more details I could piece together, the more I could protect myself I think.

Some cases in particular seemed to grab my attention more than others. The case of Adam Walsh was one of those cases. True, his case always seemed to be in the fore front with his father's constant efforts as an activist for the rights of missing and exploited individuals........but it was more than that for me..........a wondering if it could somehow be connected to things like what had happened to me, I think.

Anyway they now believe they have the answers.....Otis Toole, a serial killer who died years ago. The case is officially closed. I imagine at some point there will even be another book written on the latest chapter in this story. But what galls me is the comments of Mount Holyoke College sociologist and criminologist Richard Moran who was quoted in this news story by the Associated Press as saying of John Walsh's efforts
What it also did is make children and adults alike exponentially more afraid.

Is this guy a total idiot? Does he not realize that the world is NOT a safe place for children and that vigilance is important if you want them to BE safe. You would think after all of this time and the many people that John Walsh has helped with his efforts that this supposedly educated man would be able to see the value in this work instead of dwelling on the negative side of it as if it created a problem instead of fulfilled a need.

And what irks me even more is that the Associated Press in this release about the solving of this murder chose to use the words of this imbecile as their closing words. Talk about trivializing the death of this child, not to mention discounting the work done in his name to make all children safer. What on earth were they thinking?


Lily Strange said...

I so agree with you about this.
I've always read true crime too. Trying to understand what makes people who do the unthinkable tick. I learned in my human growth and development class that there are a lot of theories about this but two of the most prominent ones have to do with head injuries at an early age and more importantly that during the most critical phases of their development that these people are abused or severely neglected. There is a third component though because of course not everyone with head injuries or who has been abused/neglected at critical stages becomes a sociopath, and in fact, not all sociopaths become killers. These people's brains are a puzzle. Apparently, in a scan, they actually work differently than other people's brains.
People who are abused either internalize the abuse and do things to harm themselves or externalize it and harm others. It's interesting to try and understand what makes the difference.
I also agree that one guy is an uber moron. My curmudgeony outlook isn't always the most charming, but people who try and view the world through rose colored glasses often blind themselves.

Battle Weary said...

Absolutely agree with you...and as a Sociology major myself...I am appalled/embarrassed by that professor's comments. I will (hopefully) bring this up with my Soc prof today and see what she thinks about that. May not be able to have much of a discussion about it though, because today is the final.

Anonymous said...

It makes me feel better to hear that someone else wonders if these things can be traced back to the cult too. I have been wondering about this and other cases like it for a number of years. My friend think I am nuts because I tend to see the conspiracy in everything being traced back to Satanism one way or another. The fact of the matter is that our society thrives on places like Disney Land that present fantasy rather than reality. Reality is what we all need. We need to wake up to the fact that we are living in an extremely dangerous world filled with evil people doing evil things. I feel the frustration that you feel with those who want the fiction that we live in over the facts that are behind the scenes. It does not suprise that people who are educating the young can make statements like these. Just as you and I know that there is a Satanic conspiracy out there, I believe too that God will bring perfect justice to the situation, we can not.

Kahless said...

I havent heard of this lad. I hope he is at peace. This is horrible.

jumpinginpuddles said...

ok we also get our hands on any serials killers book or low down we are fascinated by hitler and WW2 but we thoguht it was just us, and we desperately want to visit a concentration camp. Can you tell us why this is?