Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Update

I should have known it was too good to be true. I was sailing along after this surgery with not that much pain..........sure there was pain.......but I was handling it ok. The doctor's office even called on Friday to be sure I had enough pain meds to get me through the weekend since they wouldn't be available after office hours if I needed refills.

That should have been my first clue that things were going to hit the fan.........and they did........once I could no longer get a hold of the doctor to get my prescription refilled. I was taking a pill once every four hours or so when I could have been taking 2 pills every three hours. Now that I can't get enough pills to get me through the week end at that rate, my pain levels have hopped up and off the darn charts.

I'm not exactly sure why it took me until 6 pm on Friday after a Wednesday am surgery for that to be the case.........but it is. I'm miserable..........and crabby...........there's no doubt about either of those. I'm trying my best not to bite off the heads of my daughter or my husband since it's really NOT their fault. However, it sure does FEEL like their fault at the moment.

While chocolate is a diversion, it has no numbing qualities so I guess I'm stuck until the doctor's office opens on Monday morning. You can bet I'll be calling just as soon as possible...........Wait until they see the "patient satisfaction" form they've asked me to fill out.

In the meantime I'm bouncing off the walls trying to find different things to keep me occupied. Nothing works particularly well. Trying to write has been a joke and the two blog posts I did finish somehow got eaten by I'm quitting before I really lose my patience.


Astaryth said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about the pain increase. I hope you get more drugs quickly in the morning.

About the losing of the entries. Try Live Writer. Losing entries on Bloggers site is one of the reasons I use it. Since it is on your local computer you don't lose anything if the publish fails.... you just have to hit the publish button again. This is one program that I've found that really does make blogging easier.

Donna said...

I'm sorry to hear you are in such pain and that you ended up without enough pain meds, how frustrating. I hope you get some relief soon.

Rising Rainbow said...

Astaryth, I have checked into Live Writer but I need to get some stuff off of this computer before I can download any new programs. I'm working on that.

I didn't call for more drugs, I wimped out, but I should have. Maybe tomorrow......but am not totally without drugs, just not the dosage I need right now.

Donna, thanks for the concern. I hope things settle down soon.