Monday, June 16, 2008

What Multiple Personality Disorder Looks Like

I found this video posted on one of the regular blogs I read but when I tried to find it to reference it here, it seems to have disappeared. I don't know if the post was deleted or what but I wanted to share this video. I think this is a most accurate portrayal of Dissociative Identity Disorder. It sure shows what it can feel like on the inside for me in a way that others might be able to understand more easily. What do you think?


lovelee said...

That must be simply exhausting. I dissociate, and that feeling is strange enough.

Enola said...

Wow - that is a profound video. It certainly opened my eyes. Thank you for sharing. I dissociate to the point of having 2 conflicted arguments sometimes - I can't imagine more than that.

Tamara said...

What a powerful video - it took my breath away. Like lovelee, I dissociate and I thought that was horrible. I compartmentalize when I am triggered or stressed but have not actually split off separate personalities!

Thanks for opening my eyes to what DID is like.

Angel said...

Wow. That is very illuminating.

jumpinginpuddles said...

we also saw this ona blog and thought it was a pretty good portrayel of what goes on, plus for us a few extra littles and middles and bigs

Anonymous said...

I have DIDS, though for the past year I have not been aware of my alters as I have been in the past. This video was very, very powerful, almost had me to the point of feeling very overwhelmed.

Anonymous said...

gosh that really is enlightening x

Anonymous said...

I have DID. I found the video deeply moving and overwhelmingly accurate of the chaos that can go on inside me. It was exhausting to watch! I want to thank you so much for posting it.

Kahless said...

I hope this is insn't an insensitive question but how do you survive not going mad with all the noise?

My ego states arguing is enough to drive me into frustration. Sometimes I just want that noise to shut up.

Perfect said...

Wow....that was VERY powerful. I had no idea. Very eye opening.

Lily Strange said...

I have a constant argument going on in my head. I think my personality has several facets but I don't think I can really qualify as dissociative. Still, I always seem to be in a fight with myself.

Katie's Blog said...

My T loved this video.

Can you send me an email at

I had to password protect my blog and I wanted to add you to my list.


Lynn said...

Wow. The ending was quite a surprise, though I could certainly relate to having to put the smack down on the inside when it is crucial for an appearance that will provide safety. I mostly only hear chaos when I am sleeping, hence the insomnia. One reason for it anyway. Can't imagine how unsettling it would be to have it pop up with regularity or frequency during waking hours. That is a really great clip.

Anonymous said...

i have mpd... i knew i shouldn't watch that because I was in my child alters... and it was scary. :( which is expected for kids.

but my mpd isn't that "crazy"... i actually had to stop it cuz it was scary.

I like my alters. They know Jesus. :) Jesus told me that his holy spirit was in each of my alters. That made me happy.

I like you miss Rainbow. I don't know your name but I think you are so amazing to be willing to tell others about your mpd. I will continue visiting your site. although my kid alters can't handle reading the scary stuff. The adults in me can help us pick and choose what to read.

You have 400 alters?! WOW!!!! I don't know how many I have.

I think you have a ministry with this blog. :) you are awesome!! :)

(could you tell how many times I switched while writing this? LOL... quite a few times.)

we really really really like you! because you are brave!

bye for now. I will say hello again later. :)

I don't want to tell you my name (for safety) but you can call me Dolly. :) (not an alter name... just a name I made up)

MultiMe said...

This was amazing. On the bad days, yes, it's JUST like this in my head. And I started off thinking, that doctor would make a good Lynn (my counselor) - she's probably the counselor alter.

My little does the same trick of singing little songs when things get hectic, trying to distract herself - and sometimes getting others to sing, too, to distract them.

I've posted this on my blog and even (carefully) shared it with some other folks. Thank you for finding and posting this!