Sunday, February 3, 2008

There's Virus Going Around and It Made Me Do Quirky Things!

For those of you who might read my horse blog as well, you will probably know that there has been a "virus" going around and that I was tagged with it there, not once but three times.

Well, now it looks like there is another virus going around and I have been tagged with it on both blogs. That's right, it's a virus that's been going around. It's called a meme and requires the infected party to post 6 little known or quirky things about themselves. To link to the person who infected them (for me that would be Prayer Mom) and then to infect six more poor unsuspecting souls commenting on their blogs to let them know they've been infected and or course, linking to the newly infected parties.

Also in case some of you haven't noticed, there has been a bit of a preoccupation with secrets going around and I'm thinking it might be a good time to alter this meme, just a little. Instead of just doing six quirky things about me, I'm going to include in my meme a secret that I haven't told anyone before. I'm hoping that maybe some of those that get this virus passed on to them might just have the courage to throw in one secret as well. It's doesn't have to be a HUGE secret, just something you wouldn't admit out loud.

OK, here goes,

1. I'm probably considered to be something of an eccentric. I'm not particularly interested in fashion, I'm more into being warm. My favorite clothes to wear to the barn are men's heavy flannel shirts.

2. I have two toes that look like they start off as one and then split partway down the middle to form two. So I guess it means I have webs between those toes. And it's like that on both feet. My feet are pretty much ugly.

3. I rock. No not like I'm a hot mama and I rock. It's more like I sit in a chair and I rock constantly. When I lay in bed I rock myself before I can go to sleep. It is a form of comfort. I've done it my whole life and my mother was appalled by it.

4. I sleep with a teddy bear and an elephant and have for about twenty years. The teddy bear's name is Teddy, of course, and the elephant's name is Ellie the Phant. I even take them with me when I travel. I have been known to share a room with an unspecting friend who had no clue I travelled with friends. I hid my toys under the covers and when the maid made the bed, she set them out on top of the pillows. So I was exposed!

5. I pick my nose. I know, you're all going EeeeewwwwwwwwW! But I swear if you had the kind of allergy problem I do, you'd resort to whatever you could to get that crap out of there. And it's really hard to teach kids not to pick their noses when mommy does.

6. I am a clutz. I can trip over dust, I swear. I fell on the ice last week and have some pretty bad bruises. But I'm used to them, I trip and fall a lot. It's a wonder I don't fall off of horses more than I do. I have fallen down leading them a few times though. Thankfully I've never been stepped on a horse in this process.

OK, that's it for me. This virus has made me so delirious that I have spilled my guts. Now it's your turn. I am passing this virus along to


Jumping In Puddles

Keepers Korner

April Optimist


and I know I'm probably cheating here by sending this virus back to Kahless, She tagged me on the horse blog about quirks of the horses so I know she's already been infected but I'm hoping she might just spill a tiny tiny secret to help her build up to the bigger one later. But if you really don't want to you could do a silly quirkky one on Lite Kahless that would be ok too, just not nearly as therapeutic. lol Or you could just skip it. It's your call. I'll still be your friend no matter what you decide.


Kahless said...

So the maid outed you!
I don't have any secrets *chuckle* or maybe I may hide one in a post tonight!

Enola said...

I did mine before I read yours about revealing a "lite" secret. I have a "Max" that I sleep with. Maybe he'll have to make an appearance on my blog.

katy said...

hey whats wrong with nose picking! i am addicted to that one LOL.

Vi said...

*waving hand*

Yep, also a nose picker. I mean, how ELSE are you supposed to get those boogers out????

keepers said...

it is becoming quite apparent some of our secrets are in reality pretty common among our friends! we will see about getting this sup soon!

peace and blessings


Rising Rainbow said...

kahless, yes she did. AND I had two roomies at the time. One I thought would probably not think I was nuts but the other one I wasn't sure about. It actually went ok.

No secrets! You lie!! LOL

enola, it would be fun to see Max, I thought about taking pictures of Teddy and Ellie but Ellie was worried that she looking a bit brownish and might need a bath first. Poor Ellie, she is neglected in that department but hugged lots.

katy, i'm glad it's not just me. I used to get into such trouble as a child. LOL

vi, wow the numbers are going up. That's cool. I was led to believe I was the only freak in the world who did such a nasty horrible thing.

jumpinginpuddles said...

we have done ours LOL undernaeth the ling we went back to therapy today blog :P

Marj aka Thriver said...

I DO like the spin you put on this. Or maybe I should say the TWO spinS you put on it. There's the secret thing and then there's the virus thing--you funny lady!

Now that I've seen a few of these, I'll get up my courage to participate. And I will reveal a secret.

April_optimist said...


Katie said...

I totally have webbed toes too! On my second and third toe on each foot. Mine aren't too bad though, but my mums are far worse!