Monday, December 31, 2007

No New Year's Resolutions Here!

You won't find any New Year's resolutions here. I cannot be trusted with making such pacts. For some reason the minute I say I will do something a part of my system goes on strike. Suddenly it becomes a "have to" and there is no way that part or parts is going to get forced into doing anything. Instead both heels dig in and the task or goal now become an impossibility.

I don't know what the story of that part or parts is. I guess if I did, I would know for sure if it is one or more parts. And I don't know that I care to know. That "i" is the majority of this system of mine. We get along pretty darn well in this world as we are with the exception of this one little glitch. We can't really see why we should delve back into all of those painful secrets when it's easier to figure a way around this problem.

So we just don't make any New Year's resolutions. There a few other things we have to avoid. Back in the days when I was a professional crafter, I could have something nearly finished at home but the minute I took a special order for that item, it became a huge deal trying to get the darn thing done. So I quit taking those special orders. They just were not worth the pressure. I try not to commit to things that might be a problem.

I'm notorious for leaving things to the very last minute to do. While it's more stressful sometimes, I still manage to get them done. I even have had some success with setting a goal to "try" to become more organized and get things started sooner. Using the word "try" makes a big difference to those rebellious parts.

We just have to stay away from being in the position that we "have to do" anything. We do things because we want to, maybe because it's a good idea but never because we "have to."

So instead of those New's Year's resolutions that we would only annihilate, we find ourselves thinking about what we would like to accomplish this year.

I would like to keep posting regularly to this blog.

I would like to get my book about my therapy process underway.

I would like to get a couple of horses sold so I can breed some more! lol

I would like to get people organized to build a livestock emergency preparedness plan for my state.

I would like to get things resolved with my grand daughter.

I would like to get my hard drive cleaned up so I have the room to start building a database for my online book store.

I would like to try something at least once a month that is "hard" for me to do. (Hard as in out of my comfort zone.)

And I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year!


Lynn said...

I'm not good with 'have to' things, either. This year, I have the same resolution I've had going for several years. I resolve to make no resolutions.:-)

Karen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your horses, Arabs are just gorgeous.

I think you could have written about me! Those "have to's" are just stressful, and working under pressure is sometimes the only way I get things done.

keepers said...

making suggestions to oneselves, like this "i would like to" seems a very good approach, one we are taking also.

may your new year be all you desire


wolf said...
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Anonymous said...
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Rising Rainbow said...

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If you would like that comment to appear, please resubmit under anonymous.

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Download CCleaner - it's very good for cleaning the hard drive. And it's free:). I've been using this program for about 4 or 5 yrs now and I run it every night before I shut down my computer.

(Don't mess with the settings in CCleaner unless you're experienced with computers and know exactly what you're doing. It's default settings are very good.)

Thought that might help you with your 'computer clean up';).

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Ack - I meant to leave you the link. It is: