Friday, November 9, 2007

The Veil of Secrecy

If you are following the blogs of other multiples, I'm sure that you have noticed an element of secrecy. That secrecy isn't there because multiples tend to be paranoid, it is there because they have something real to fear.

I have written before about enforcers within the systems of multiples. Enforcers can be as complicated as the systems they are part of. Enforcers tend to have the capacity to be coconscious with the most susceptible and vulnerable personalities. So not only can they come out externally and reek havoc on a system, they can terrorize parts too vulnerable to come to the front that still influence the front people.

That inner terrorization can carry lots of weight in how a system functions. Fear can easily immobilize attempts to make healthy choices, get help etc. Fear that cannot be traced carries extra weight just because it adds to confusion. As I've stated before confusion is the fodder that victimization feeds upon.

Cult survivors characteristically will be set-up with enforcers. That is in the plural because one survivor will usually have several enforcers. Each may have a different role or control a different set of alters. But you can bet they have been carefully "placed" to keep the system in check.

Any survivor who is trying to get free from her/his programming will definitely be pushing the buttons of their internal enforcers. However, internal enforcers are not their only threat. If there is any indication that a survivor is not totally submissive to programming, there may well be external threats.

The last thing that cults, whether satanists or others, want is for their "followers" to think they can be free. The way the cult survives is by keeping their victims trapped. Survivors providing support for other survivors threatens the whole organization. Cults will have many enforcers in place to torture and abuse or even kill any and all who might rock the boat.

From the beginning of my journey, the agency where I got counseling was threatened and the individuals who worked with me were threatened as well. Actually I'm not aware of a single survivor or their therapists who have not had threats made against them. Usually there are stories to go along with those threats about attempts to carry them out. I know that there were attempts to burn down the agency where I went.

Most times these threats will start even before the victim or the therapist has a clue what they are dealing with. The farther they get in the process, the more intense the threats and attempts will be. So to see that multiples are engaged in covering behind a veil of secrecy is understandable.

For me, I've gone to the other extreme. I run a business and I advertise so I'm right out there in the public on all levels. Because I know exactly what I am dealing with, I have ammunition to defend myself. That does not mean that at times I don't worry about some of the things I post. I'm perfectly aware that some enforcers might think they have something to gain by killing me. But I'm convinced I'd rather be a target than to live in anymore fear.

Jumpinginpuddles has written a post, Comment Moderation
that explains what is happening currently within her system. As JIP becomes more aware of the hold her enforcer personality had over over parts of her, she and her therapist are readying themselves for more battles. The enforcer, Sam, may be locked away but there may still be other enforcers planted as well as parts that have been tricked into helping enforcers. While she is on this dangerous journey, I will continue to ask my readers to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


Lynn said...

It must be difficult to have people out there who are so violent and might hurt you. You must be very strong to deal with that and still run a business. The only perpetrator who might entertain fantasies of coming after me can't do it because he left the country to escape the law. If he ever comes back he'd better hope the cops find him first. I don't think he'd come near me, though. He's not THAT stupid. Plus I found out he's a wuss when I finally beat the crap out of him. Even so, I have the permanent restraining order against him, such that it's worth.

Internal terror is much more horrible than any RL threat I face in the present. Now days I can pound the daylights out of wuss-boy, but... This post reminds me of a time when I had been having flashbacks and was terrified of my parents (internal). I called my therapist and he asked me if I could tell them to go away. I could only whisper it. Even with my therapist responding to me and trying earnestly to help me, it was very, very difficult. Feelings of safety were VERY elusive for a time. I took to chasing them (parents and ALL perps) around my head with a shotgun. I LOVED doing that. You should have seen their faces... The shoe is on the other foot now.

BarnGoddess said...

JIP is in my thoughts....

Cheesemeister said...

I think that families can be a cult of a sort, whether there's religious or even sexual abuse involved or not. There can be kind of a "you're with us or you're against us" philosophy. My family (except for the one vile exception, who was actually family by marriage) were not sexual abusers nor particularly physically abusive. But there was a lot of emotional abuse, whether it was accidental or purposeful, and there was a lot of secrecy. I can't say that I ever really let people know me even though I try to be honest about things. I have a lot of intimacy issues. Not strictly sexual intimacy, but the more basic kind, being able to trust others on a friendship level. I do sometimes but never entirely. It's hard.

keepers said...

Thank you for helping support JIP and her battles, she is trying so hard to overcome so much and appreciates all help.

peace and blessings