Monday, September 17, 2007

Just What Really Is "Our" Self?

It's really hard to deal with issues of self when there are an assortment of people living inside your head. All of those people don't just have their own sense of who they are, but their own unique values as well. What one approves of another might find appalling. Trying to get everyone to come to a consensus can be downright crazy making if all the alters don't understand the limitations this situation provides..

For me, personally, I think the biggest obstacle was getting everyone to realize that despite how they felt, the fact was we were all sharing one body. While each might feel they had a different body, there was really only one body we were all contained within.

That one body had only one physical appearance even though we could change our eye color and do a certain amount of physical changes that accounted for an appearance of a weight difference. Other than that, the body was what it was despite what each alter believed it to be.

However, convincing our multiple selves of that was a different story. With many of our alters ages seven or under, most of the system believed they were children. Looking in the mirror, they might even see children. But the body is really 60 years old.

They have learned to see the body as it really is and know that they must take care of it. After all, it is the only one we have. If they mistreat it and it is broken, they know they will be broken too.

If we took the time to draw anymore, I know the children would probably draw themselves as the tall, lean, blond children they believed themselves to be. But there is no doubt for anyone that the body no longer looks that way. Each has accepted what the body looks like today and no longer has any complaints.

To be continued.............

Part 2

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