Monday, August 27, 2007

Hospitalizations. Medications, Are They Always Required Treatment?

I recently read a blog post where the owner posted all of the dates they had been hospitalized. There were volumes. It made me feel sad. All I could think about is how badly victims can pay for what offenders do to them. It's just not fair.

Also in this post was listed all of the different medications this person had been prescribed and when. This too made me sad for the same reason. It's just not fair. In most cases the offenders get off scott free and the victim's pay their entire lives.

I feel fortunate that I don't have the experience of a long list of hospitalizations or prescribed medications. I was never prescribed not took any medications related to mental health issues.

In actuality, I have two hospitalizations but neither was really necessary. That's not denial speaking either. They were not necessary from the point of view court ordered, suicide related or anything like that. They were precautionary.

The first was over Halloween the year that I was right in the thick of my memories of the satanism. My husband was working nights and I was going to be alone on Halloween, the biggest of all the satanic holidays.

My therapist was worried that the holiday might trigger memories for me that I couldn't deal with alone. She convinced me the hospital would be a safe place.

Boy, was that a joke. The hopsital didn't want anything to do with me. The last thing they wanted was anyone having abbreactions on their watch. OMG it might upset the other patients. All they knew how to do was to prescribe drugs and dope people us so much that they didn't care about anything.

Since I didn't need nor want drugs, just a safe place to be if memories came up, I wasn't within their realm of training or experience. It was clear this was NOT a safe place to have memories and so I didn't. While I didn't have memories, I also didn't stay at the hospital!! There was no reason to be there.

To be continued............

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jumpinginpuddles said...

we remember being in hospital one halloween night because the cause of our horrific nightmare of a life was dying and seeing someone who was escaping halloween in there. We knew all too well how bad it cna get that year we were safe but many others we have not been and none more likely than this year. *sigh*