Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sacrificial Lamb ***** Triggers

Black robed figures dictated fear
On those dark and heady nights.
Even before they slithered out of the shadows
The doom was already evident - -
The altar grew in the moonlight,
A symbol of heinous acts
Festering in the minds of those believers,
Their focus always the perfect sacrifice.

A small child - - trembling, naked –
Lost in the horrendous pain of her reality.
Supposedly hypnotic chants don’t ease the terror.
She is trapped - - the unfortunate victim
Of their sadistic appetites.
They prey on her fear – revel in it!
Nothing is sacred to these worshippers
Of defilement, destruction and sacrilege.
Her value lies in the depths of her humiliation!

So they descend upon this lamb of God's
With all the hate their master has for hers!
Driven to destroy her innocence,
Her self, her humanity, her mind!
Obsessed with humiliating her to the soul
In an attempt to appease their fallen prince.
Consumed, like the fires of Hell, by the quest
For the ultimate evil – They take this child!

They chained her to the sacrificial altar
And plunged her to the depths of despair.
They assaulted her being with their evil
And left her not a shred of hope.
They gave her to Satan – THIS CHILD!
And then gloried in her torment and pain.
The loss of her blood and her virginity
Gave them the very power they sought.

And so the sacrifice is done - -
The child lays broken and torn.
Lost in the abyss that they have chosen
She feels no light, no love, no joy!
She is consumed by self-loathing and hate.
They have accomplished what they wanted - -
The child within is dead –
A broken shell walks in her place.

How many children will they sacrifice
How many times must the story be told
Before the world will see what they do,
These black robed thieves of innocence?
As long as society denies their existence,
We give them free reign - - We give them our children.
Turning our heads to avoid our own discomfort
We leave helpless victims to deal with out shame!

written by MiKael Jane Smith
© June 21, 1988


jumpinginpuddles said...

thankyou we arent alone

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Your writing is awesome! Are you going to share more with us??

Rising Rainbow said...

JIP, nope you were not alone!

Frazzled Farm Wife, I was thinking I might share some of what I have written. It seems so dark to me, I was afraid that maybe it was too dark and people might be put off by it. So I figured I might post some of what I've written here and test the waters a bit.

I'd sure hate to go through all of that work to write a book that will never be published. I was hoping that the responses here might help me determine if my book would get support. So I guess we'll see what happens next before I begin really working on this project again.

Kahless said...

I think your writing is so vivid. I could really picture the scene.

I think you should write your book.

If only 2 people read it and it changes the life of one of those people.

Then it is worth its weight in gold?

Rising Rainbow said...

Kahless, I understand your message about helping one or two and I am fine with that. I guess for me the problem is about getting published. If I can't get it published, then no one will see it whether I've done the writing or not. If they can't see it, it won't be helpful, so what's the point.

I've spent so much time of my life dealing with this stuff, I don't want to spend the time if it's not going to be useful. I have my life to live and I'd just as soon not throw any of my time away for no reason.

I believe the information would be useful if I could get it published. I have met with resistance already because they want "proof" that this really happens. If they won't believe the victims, nothing will satisfy their request for proof so there is a reason for my reluctance.

Kahless said...

never once has it occured to me to ask you for proof. Not everyone needs proof, though unfortunately a lot of people do, granted.

I feel the urge to say to you, ask God. Ask Him. You will be given an answer I am sure. And then have faith. Whatever the answer be.

Oh, and do you know the blogger DJKirkby? Linked on my sidebar and I think she said she visited your other blog?

Well she and her husband, separately have been picked up by publishers who read their writings on their blogs. Why dont you ask her about publishers?

Rising Rainbow said...

Kahless, I know the idea of proof sucks. But when I submitted my writing those years ago that's exactly what I was asked for. It hurt then ........and it hurts now.

I'm glad to hear that DJKirby and her husband have picked up publishers. That's very cool. It's actually one of the reasons I started this blog was hoping I might make the right kinds of connections to get this thing done.

As for God, I already know that answer. I do think I was meant to write this book. But I have to admit that request for proof hit me like a slap in the face and it's tough to get past.

The work is hard and painful all by itself. It doesn't need anything like that to make it harder. And I am tired......sometimes I'm up for a fight.......right now, not so much.

Enola said...