Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good News and Special Days

If any of you have visited jumpinginpuddles today JIP's blog you know that she is safe. I did get an email early this morning saying that she had arrived in a safe location. That was a huge relief because last night it was tough going. I didn't change the prayer request because JIP is still going to have a tough time until she can get this move of hers completed. So please continue to pray for her and her kids in this time of transition.

With all of the stuff going on with jumpinginpuddles, you might think she'd have her hands full. But she still found the time to send me a birthday card this evening. I was very touched she took time to think of me.

Obviously, since I have severed all connections to my birth family, birthdays can be odd to say the least. My husband works weird hours and was gone for my birthday today. We will put off celebrating until another day.

My youngest child, Lindsay, surprised me by getting me a Breyer horse of the Proud Arabian Mare model that she then had custom painted like my first horse, Scandalous. Lindsay is my child who had brain cancer. From that she has brain damage that keeps her home with us. The fact that this gift took a lot of special planning and thought makes it all the more special to me.


Vi said...

Happy birthday rainbow! You are such a good friend to JIP, I know with your help, she'll pull through. x

Kahless said...
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Kahless said...

Happy Birthday RR!!!
Can we ask how young?

What a wonderful present you received; yes the thoughtful ones are always the most treasured.

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, RR!

Rising Rainbow said...

vi, Thank you for the bday wishes. I do think that JIP has the courage to survive this.

kahless, Thanks. I am not sensitive about my age. JIP asked me how old I was, I might just as well tell the world. LOL I am sixty-one.

lynn, thank you for the biday wishes too.

Enola said...

I just got back into town and am checking in and catching up on blogs. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful birthday week!

Sixty one ? Well blow me over. LOL. Funny how you get ideas of peoples' ages and what they look like from reading their blogs. I would have guessed much younger!

keepers said...

we are sorry to be saying Happy Birthday late but it is sincere, so happy Belated Birthday!! and many many more!

peace and blessings


Lily Strange said...

That is a great gift! Also belated happy birthday.
It's rare that my birthday actually gets "celebrated" on my birthday. I kind of quit enjoying them after 25. Of course my son was born when I was 25, and his birthdays were far more important to me than mine.