Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More Prayer Requests

Jumpinginpuddles is having an on going fight with her enforcer personality. She and her therapist are both in danger. For her latest posts visit Life Spacings Both have requested more prayers beginning immediately.

I also think if anyone has any ideas of ways of employing the light for protection, that would be appreciated as well. I think they are going to need to call in the big guns.

On the scale of what JIP is dealing with, my little bounce off a horse seems minimal at best. I slept a lot of the day again today and am feeling a bit better. I'm not ready to go out and tackle the world but that's ok.

Please keep JIP and her therapist in your thoughts and prayers. And maybe when you're praying you might consider asking specifically for the protection of the Light.


April_optimist said...

I'll be keeping JIP in my prayers and picturing all of her protected by a ring of roses between her and anyone trying to harm her.

keepers said...

Thank you for posting this and for talking with us, thank you very much for caring about JIP and their entire system.

peace and blessings


Rising Rainbow said...

april_optimist, roses sound good, they can be pretty powerful stuff. Thank you.

keepers, I will say the same to you, thank you for being there and caring for JIP, her entire system and all the others you are there for.