Thursday, November 15, 2007

Human Nature with All It's Twists and Turns - Part 2

Part 1

A child who has had her/his psyche fragmented no longer has input from her/his entire system. The input has been restricted by the process used to form the compartments. The goal is to keep those good compartments totally isolated from the bad ones. Cues are even put in place to call out the desired personalities when needed. and to cause the other parts to forget that the programming has happened or that they are sensitive to triggers so there is no overlap.

Once the compartmentalization has been done, the system is restricted in its ability to reason right and wrong. Its resources have been not only removed, but all traces of them obliterated. It is like the conscience never existed for some parts.

In addition, the parties who have caused this know that their power over this individual lies in controlling the input into these dark fragments. They make sure that the parts they want to control only experience life on the cult's terms thus guaranteeing ultimate control over the individual and all of its parts. This control is obscene and its ramifications go much further than most people could ever imagine..

The experience's the cult wants these parts to have, of course, are all horrendous. They want to assure that these isolated parts have no idea of good or its affects upon the world. They put extensive energy into manipulating the personalities turning them into bitter, bitter individuals, the darker the better. That way the personalities will do whatever they are ordered without hesitation and believe they are participating freely.

However, the person who is under this influence no longer has "free will" over their entire person. Free will is restricted by the walls within the system. Since information cannot flow freely and control cannot pass through the barriers, this individual is extremely compromised in the ability to live according to her/his values. Even the individuals instincts for self preservation have been compromised.

Adult survivor's of satanism struggle when they learn of the things their "evil" parts have done for the cult. That, too, is one of the things this programming counts on. The programming is designed to overpower the other personalities with guilt so they will hide and give way to the "evil" parts again or they will self destruct. Either way the cult wins. It is a built in safeguard to keep the person quiet and/or attached to the cult.

Only the survivor who is willing to face this guilt stands a chance of ever getting free from the influence of the cult. The difficult part is while the "good" personalities may be willing to stop the "bad' personalities, they have no knowledge of what has created those parts.

As the deeds of these "bad" alters are discovered, all the "good" parts have to go on is their overwhelming feelings of guilt that their "system" could do such things. The guilt they feel far outweighs their actual culpability for these acts. They totally lack the skills to see that the deeds have been accomplished through the manipulation and control of outsiders.

The cult doesn't really care whether the victim self-destructs, erupts in total chaos or retreats internally. Their secret remains secure because the victim is either dead, appears mentally unstable or continues to participate.

To be continued............

Part 3


Patches said...

This post and your last one really have helped us to better understand some system members.

Kahless said...

Thank-you for your posts RR. I find them very informative and answers questions I have.

Hope you are feeling better.

Marj aka Thriver said...

I agree. Very informative post. This is shaping up to be a great series! I've never thought about it exactly like this before. That's got to be THE most heinous form of abuse ever, in my opinion: stripping someone of their free will. Thanks for having the courage to inform us about these important issues.

Anonymous said...

i think the guilt is the hardest thing to deal with. There is a fine line between i couldnt help it and we deserved it. The feelings assciated with needing to repunish yourself are really strong.
This past week we have had to remind ourselves that we arent the alter who did that and cuttin burning or mutilating any part of our body isnt going to change what she did.
The cult are masters at also heaping the guilt upon you so that you feel there is no other way out once youve discovdred the truth than death itself.

Rising Rainbow said...

patches, I'm glad that this was helpful.

kahless, same for you. Just let me know if you have questions. It gives me ideas for posts.

marj aka thriver, yes, I'm with you, I think it is the most heinous abuse of all.

Anonymous, that quilt that you feel belongs to the offenders NOT to you. Don't buy into their garbage. That is why I did these posts was for people to understand the guilt lies with the offenders for everything and why that is true.